Carnival in North Rhine-Westphalia: young woman experiences horror in hotel room ++ off for Monday Monday trains?

  • Carnival in North Rhine-Westphalia is in full swing
  • Many police officers work for the safety of the jokes
  • But the weather is going crazy at Carnival this year
  • In our news blog we keep you up to date on all current events

Carnival in NRW is not under a good star in terms of weather this year either.

There were storms and heavy rains on Thursday evening. A terrible incident occurred in Cologne on Thursday. There a woman was run over by a train on Weiberfastnacht.

Despite the tragedy, the foolish hustle and bustle becomes Carnival in NRW continued. On Sunday, however, many moves in NRW had to be canceled due to the stormy weather. How does it look on Shrove Monday? We keep you over the weather in NRW to carnival and everything else about the carnival in the coming days in our news blog.

Weather in NRW: Is the Carnival Monday train threatening to fall into the water at Carnival?

Rose Monday, February 24th:

6.08 a.m .: Hundreds of thousands of people are expected in Cologne and Düsseldorf for the street carnival on Shrove Monday. The satirical cars in 2020 may become even more political than usual. Hanau’s alleged right-wing extremist attack, which was allegedly just a few days ago, should also be taken up in Cologne and Düsseldorf.

Are the Monday Monday trains threatening to run out?

Generally one hopes for better weather in the carnival strongholds than at the weekend. On Sunday, gusts of wind led to the cancellation of many carnival parades. The large Monday Monday trains in Cologne and Düsseldorf were initially not considered to be threatened. The wind should go down. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Sunday February 23rd

Here is an overview of the carnival processions not taking place in NRW >>>

Storm low provides seconds of fright

9:58 pm: The street carnival reaches its climax this Monday with the Rosenmontagszug. The carnivalists expect hundreds of thousands of spectators. The satirical cars in 2020 may become even more political than usual. Hanau’s alleged right-wing extremist attack, which was allegedly just a few days ago, should also be taken up in Cologne and Düsseldorf.

Generally one hopes for better weather in the carnival strongholds than at the weekend. On Sunday, gusts of wind led to the cancellation of many carnival parades. The large Monday Monday trains in Cologne and Düsseldorf were initially not considered to be threatened. The wind should go down.

17:56: Although the carnival parade on Tulip Sunday in Boele was canceled due to the storm, there were a few “jokes” that went a long way. The Hagen police had to intervene consistently in parts. Around 1:00 p.m., around 100 young people and adolescents entered Osthofstrasse, some of them clearly alcoholic, and disabled vehicle traffic. After a short road closure, numerous people from the group were sent off by the police.

A total of ten people had to be taken into custody and 130 people were sent off.

17:27: Storm depression Yulia caused one or two shock seconds in Cologne. In Stammheim, a heavy tree fell onto a float that was on the way to the installation. Fortunately, nobody was on the float at the time. Jecken were also very lucky on Sunday mornings near Gürzenich. Scaffolding crashes onto a bar. Nobody was injured.

Rape in Cologne hotel room?

4.31 p.m .: On Saturday evening, apparently, a young carnivalist was raped in a hotel in central Cologne. The police arrested two men (30, 33) from Frankfurt am Main in the evening, one of whom is in urgent suspicion of having raped the woman. According to her own statements, she was able to flee the room after the possible crime and alarm the police, the police said. Officials were able to arrest the two men without resistance. The background investigation is ongoing.

The Cologne police counts a total of eight cases of sexual offenses, seven of them in Cologne, one in Leverkusen. The majority are sexual harassment and exhibitionist acts. In all cases, the police officers were able to determine the personal details of the suspects on site.

4.13 p.m .: The Cologne police have published a first carnival record. It refers to the period from Friday 6 a.m. to Sunday 6 a.m.

  • 90 men and 8 women were mostly taken into police custody, clearly alcoholized (previous year 92).
  • 43 of them spent the rest of the day sobering up and 32 in the police cell.
  • The officers temporarily arrested 23 people after pickpocketing, resistance and dangerous bodily harm.
  • 473 criminal complaints (previous year 661) in Cologne, including 147 bodily injuries, nine robberies, 20 insults and 55 property damage, 20 violations of the Narcotics Act, 100 thefts and 47 pickpockets.

In Leverkusen, police officers have so far produced 75 (previous year 55) criminal complaints.

Further moves in NRW canceled!

3:59 p.m .: While the removals in the Alps and Xanten had to be canceled due to the weather, the police came to a happy conclusion on the tulip Sunday train in Voerde: “However, the weather had one advantage: From a police point of view, the Voerder carnival procession was largely peaceful,” the police said. The officials only had to file one criminal complaint for resistance, two criminal complaints for assault and three criminal complaints for insult. In the case of two rioters, reprimands had to be given and two other people were taken into custody.

3:11 p.m .: The jokes who still want to take the train to celebrate or go home have to be prepared for delays in train traffic. The train service between Düsseldorf and Duisburg has ceased. Here all information >>>

2.10 p.m .: Bad scenes on Sunday morning in Cologne. In the Bilderstöckchen district, a passerby stabbed three visitors to a pub. One of the victims (26) is in mortal danger. More information here >>>

1:46 p.m .: The street carnival had to be canceled in many places not only in NRW and in large parts of Germany. The famous Venice Carnival is also threatened with cancellation. But that is not due to the weather, but for a completely different reason. You can read all about it here >>>

12.15 p.m .: Those who have decided to brave the rain at the street carnival will be bitterly disappointed. The list of failed moves on Sunday is getting longer.

11.50 a.m .: The next one please. The Jagenen in Hagen-Boele also look into the tube.

11:34 a.m .: There are more cancellations in NRW. The carnival procession in Alt-Oberhausen has literally fallen into the water for safety reasons.

11:21 am: Now Cologne has also been hit. After the organizers initially brought the moves forward on Sunday, all events have now been canceled due to the strong storm. “To protect all participants and all jokes on the train path, the Zöch cannot take place,” said the city.

10:39 a.m .: The Kö-hustle and bustle in Düsseldorf has been canceled! The expected gusts of wind are too violent. “We didn’t make the decision easy for us,” said the spokesman for the Düsseldorf Carnival Committee. All district moves in Düsseldorf will also be canceled. The marquee on Burgplatz and the stands in the old town should open in the late afternoon. It is not yet clear when exactly clearly.

9:04 a.m .: The next move has been canceled. This time it hits Emmerich! The tulip Sunday parade was canceled. “The jeck in me grieves. But with such gusts of wind, it is simply too dangerous to be outside, ”said Peter Hinze, Mayor of Emmerich.

In Düsseldorf on Sunday morning there will be a consultation as to whether the move will take place on the Kö. Cologne has shortened the popular Schull- and Veedelszöch and they start earlier. Instead of 11.11 a.m. on Sunday, it should start at 10.45 a.m. In addition, the route should be shortened by two kilometers.

Another riot in Cologne!

07.57 a.m .: Another riot at Zülpicher Platz in Cologne. After the police had to vacate the popular spot on Friday evening, there were again problems with aggressive adolescents on Saturday, around 5 p.m. according to the police, the mood there changed. Again, the officials cleared the square and are now taking consequences: “We will continue to intensify our measures in the inner city area with a focus on the Zülpicher quarter and act early and consistently against disruptors,” said Director-General for Hazard Protection and Operations, Chief Police Director Martin Lotz.

Saturday February 22nd

9:57 pm: It remained comparatively quiet in Moers. Around 70,000 people fired the traditional carnation Saturday train there. The police detained a total of 15 people and prepared 22 criminal complaints (4 assault, 1 resistance, 2 insults, 1 property damage, 1 sexual harassment, 1 theft, and 2 violations of the Narcotics Act).

8.50 p.m .: In Münster there are changes to the carnival program due to the expected gusts of wind. Accordingly, the deployment of the companies should be dropped. The entire program begins at 11:00 a.m. on the Prinzipalmarkt. The mobile stage in front of the town hall will not be set up on Sunday.

8.02pm: The Oberhausen police take stock after the carnival Saturday. According to this, 65,000 people had followed the train peacefully. There were no special occurrences.

5.20 p.m .: The carnival procession in Essen-Werden is also canceled due to the weather! That reported the “WAZ“.

05.05 p.m .: In Düsseldorf you want to keep an eye on the weather. According to the current status, the so-called Kö-bustle on Königsallee is scheduled to take place on Sunday, as a spokesman for the Comitee Düsseldorf Carnival announced.

3.35 p.m .: The planned move is not only falling in Kettwig. In Salzkotten in the Paderborn district, too, the decision was made to skip the train.

There will also be another program in Cologne on Sunday. The popular Schull- and Veedelszöch are shortened and start earlier. “We hope that this will allow us to enter the wind corridor so that we can let the train run without restrictions,” said train manager Wilhelm Stoffel on Saturday. Instead of 11.11 a.m. on Sunday, it should start at 10.45 a.m. In addition, the route should be shortened by two kilometers.

3.10 p.m .: Now it is out which celebrities are traveling on the float in Cologne on Rosenmontag. In addition to professionals from 1. FC Cologne, the social media stars Lisa and Lena, actress Nastassja Kinski (daughter of Klaus Kinski) and football coach Christoph Daum will be seen on the car. Other guests:

  • Bernd Stelter
  • Tom Gerhardt
  • CDU politician Wolfgang Bosbach
  • NRW Minister of Justice Peter Biesenbach
  • Reggae singer to be a gentleman

1:05 p.m .: Bitter news for all jokes in Essen. As the Kettwig Carnival Club announced on its website, the carnival parade planned for Sunday will be canceled. The reason is the stormy weather forecast. The after-train party, however, will take place from 1:11 p.m.

10:52 a.m .: The German Weather Service (DWD) warns in North Rhine-Westphalia of continuous rain level 2 of 4. You have to be prepared for the constant rain over 24 hours from Saturday 6 p.m. If you want to bring a dry costume to the party, it is better to have a jacket and umbrella with you.

9:16 a.m.: Major police operation on Saturday evening at the Cologne Carnival. The officials cleared Zülpicher Platz on Friday evening at around 8 p.m. after a group of 500 youngsters reportedly crashed.

Several incidents occurred during the police action. A stranger threw a glass bottle at the emergency services, which barely flew past a policeman’s head. A teenager (16) entered a service dog. The service dog handler used pepper spray to ward off the attack. The 16-year-old then tried to escape, but was asked by the police. The police took his personal information and informed his parents of the incidents.

Two officers were injured during the operation. The police filed several complaints about resistance to law enforcement officers, property damage, and trespassing.

Friday February 21

2.44 p.m .: The Cologne police take stock at the start on Thursday: 88 men and 5 women ended up in alcohol custody, clearly alcoholized. The police filed 330 criminal complaints and 149 for assault. Six police officers were slightly injured in acts of resistance.

The police recorded ten sexual offenses in Cologne. “These offenses essentially amount to sexual harassment and exhibitionist acts. In 13 of these cases, police officers found the personal details of the suspects on site. ”

12.35 p.m .: The fire brigade in Düsseldorf also took stock after the first day: The rescuers recorded 1,088 missions. They were also in high demand because the area around the old town was closed for about 90 minutes due to a storm warning.

However, the forces deployed to 795 emergency operations and hospital transports. At the mobile accident assistance centers, 318 Jecken (2029: 281) received medical care until around 9.40 p.m. Most of the celebrants struggled with circulatory problems and too much alcohol.

11.39 a.m .: The e-scooters are on every corner. Of course it is tempting to drive with it. And that’s exactly why the police in Düsseldorf warned on Twitter against drunk driving around with two-wheelers.

11.05 a.m .: A drama also took place on Weiberfastnacht in Cologne. A woman suddenly gave birth at the street carnival and couldn’t make it to the hospital in time. Where did she have her child instead? >>>

9.46 a.m .: Anyone who celebrates at the street carnival and drinks one Kölsch after another inevitably searches for a toilet a short time later. Unfortunately, since this is often in short supply, Rewe has come up with something extraordinary in Cologne. The whole story here >>>

9.10 a.m .: If you also want to go to Weiberfastnacht from the Ruhr area to the carnival strongholds of Düsseldorf or Cologne, you have to be prepared for some restrictions with regional and S-Bahn trains. Because on the route between Essen and Dortmund there is construction work on the Carnival days. You can find out everything about blocking here >>>

07.12 a.m .: The tragic death of a 29-year-old woman at the train station in Cologne-Ehrenfeld overshadows the carnival mood in NRW. The police had to partially block the station. Eyewitnesses were in shock and had to be looked after by the emergency services.

It was one of many Cologne Police operations on Thursday evening. According to their own statements, around 1,000 police officers were deployed on Weiberfastnacht in Cologne and Leverkusen. As the alcohol level increased, so did the number of ads. Until late in the evening, the officials in the largest city in North Rhine-Westphalia registered 85 advertisements, 56 of them for (serious) physical injury. The emergency services also received eight sexual harassment reports.

Death drama at Carnival in Cologne

Thursday, February 20:

10:40 p.m .: According to initial information, the person who died in the tragic accident at Cologne-Ehrenfeld station is a 29-year-old woman. So far, the Cologne police have assumed an accident. So the woman was “apparently drunk”.

According to the federal police, several witnesses independently reported that the woman had fallen into the track bed without outside influence. However, it is still unclear whether she came from a carnival event.

8.10 p.m .: So far, the Düsseldorf fire brigade has had a busy first day. Until 6 p.m. there were 648 operations, the majority, 428, were for emergency operations and ambulance services. In 2019 there were only 335 of these deployments at the time.

There was also bad news for all jokes on the streets. Due to the high wind speeds, the coordinating group for the event decided to interrupt the event in the streets of the entire old town from 7:45 p.m.

8.00 p.m .: Dramatic misfortune in Cologne! At the Cologne-Ehrenfeld station, a person was run over and killed by a train, said the “express

The Cologne rail and fire brigade initially reported on an emergency doctor mission on the track on Twitter. So far, there is no information on the exact course of the accident, which is said to have occurred shortly after 7 p.m.

Some tracks at the station are still closed due to their use for train traffic. A replacement rail service between Cologne Central Station and Pulheim / Horrem has been set up

5:28 p.m .: Carnival always provides a lot of colorful decoration in the shops. Particularly crazy carnival jewelry can be found at a bakery in Wesel-Büderich. The “WAZ“Reports.

Without further ado, receipts left behind by customers were converted into creative window decorations. Due to the introduction of the mandatory receipt, the bakery could hardly save itself from all the notes. Now they have been practically converted and set a funny sign against the criticized duty – in the spirit of carnival.

17.09 p.m .: From 6 p.m. gusts of wind up to wind force 9 are to sweep through the bustling cities. Cologne in particular, but also Düsseldorf and the Ruhr area are affected. The German Weather Service warns of the violent winds. The police only wrote: “Whoever celebrates Carnival tonight needs a windproof costume.”

3.45 p.m .: The Federal Office for Information Security has a special tip for everyone who tends to lose their smartphone at Carnival.

03.03 p.m .: Düsseldorf reacts to the shots in Hanau and builds a theme car for the victims. The latter should then take part in the move on Shrove Monday. Wagenbauer Jaques Tilly is known for being able to react quickly to current events with his moving cars. The President of the Düsseldorf Carnival, Michael Laumen, said on Thursday when storming the town hall: “Our carnival is multicultural. We just want to celebrate carnival. We will answer that with a theme car. “

2:29 p.m .: The police in Cologne are deployed in the city center with over 1,000 officers. This is to ensure security for all jokes on Women’s Fast Night. In addition, the police have a request: “Great costumes don’t need deceptively real-looking weapons. They lost nothing in the carnival and only lead to real reactions that we all want to avoid. ”

12.54 p.m .: When the Cologne triumvirate was received in the town hall in Cologne, there was a minute’s silence for the victims of the bloody deed in Hanau (Hesse). Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker, who herself was the victim of a knife attack in 2015, expressed her condolences and sympathy to the relatives of the victims. Some carnival clubs have canceled their celebrations on women’s carnival out of respect for the victims, including the association “Große Eigelsteiner”. They just don’t feel like partying.

11.50 a.m .: The police have announced that motorists throughout North Rhine-Westphalia can expect more police checks during the carnival days.

Weiberfastnacht starts stormy – storm warning issued

11:19 a.m .: The German Weather Service even puts a shovel on it. Wind gusts become storm gusts in the evening. From 6 p.m. they should rage with level 2 of 4.

These cities are affected in the Ruhr area:

  • Gelsenkirchen
  • Herne
  • Duisburg
  • Dortmund
  • eat
  • Oberhausen
  • Bochum
  • Bottrop
  • Mülheim

This storm warning applies until midnight.

9.27 a.m .: Weiberfastnacht doesn’t start very well. The weather in the morning was wet and gray. And the DWD’s warnings are not missing either. In the morning, the meteorologists warn of gusts of wind (level 1 from 4).

Even in the carnival stronghold of Düsseldorf, the wind races through the state capital at 60 kilometers per hour. So far there is no storm warning in Cologne

These cities in the Ruhr area are affected by the weather warning:

  • Oberhausen
  • Gelsenkirchen
  • Bottrop
  • Dortmund
  • Herne
  • Mülheim
  • eat
  • Bochum
  • Duisburg

Another bad news: The wind is not only blowing through NRW for a short time. He is expected to stay until 9 p.m. on Thursday evening. So be careful if you go dressed up!

Wednesday, February 19:

9:34 a.m .: Just one more day, then it’s already women’s night. But shortly before the start of the carnival, the weather in NRW is unstable. On Wednesday morning showers and sleet thunderstorms are possible, said the German Weather Service (DWD) in Essen.

And also warns that snow showers are possible above 600 meters. In addition, it should remain windy with individual strong to stormy gusts.

According to the DWD forecast, the showers pull off towards afternoon. The wind is dropping. The highest temperatures in the region reach 5 to 9 degrees during the day.

+++ Weather in NRW: Dark forecast for carnival! Are there threats of cancellation due to the risk of storms? +++

Meteorologists warn of gusts of wind in the west

In the night to Thursday, rain clouds will again gather, according to the DWD forecast. Weiberfastnacht begins cloudy with individual showers and temperatures of a maximum of 9 to 12 degrees. In the evening, the rain increases, especially in the northwest of the country.

The wind also picks up towards evening. The DWD meteorologists warn of storm gusts in the west. It gets windy on Friday, too, and it stays mostly dry at maximum temperatures of 11 degrees.

Even at the weekend, your costume shouldn’t be too airy. It remains comparatively warm for a February day (around 11 degrees in Cologne, for example). But it could also be rainy and windy. So don’t forget the umbrella so that the make-up doesn’t smear!

However, the meteorologists are still optimistic about the Rosenmontagszug in the Rhineland. “It looks good so far,” said the meteorologist on duty in Essen on Tuesday. At wind speeds of 6 to 7, the wind-prone train should also take place in Düsseldorf.

Rose Monday: high pressure area brings mild temperatures

In Cologne, the wind will probably be a little weaker. After a comparatively uncomfortable Sunday, the high pressure is spreading on Rose Monday. “We expect very mild 14 degrees, dryness and maybe even some sun,” said the weather expert in Essen. A storm situation is not in sight.

Well, let’s hope that it stays that way and that there won’t be a repeat of 2016. At that time, the trains had to be canceled due to the risk of storms. (js, jg, ak, dv, fb with dpa)


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