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Caroline Flack slams "average" and "strange" questions to her baby while she is 39

His on / off relationship with Andrew Brady could be on the rocks for now.

But Caroline Flack admitted that she was feeling frustrated after being regularly asked about when she would start having children.

The presenter of Love Island visited Instagram Stories before celebrating her 39th birthday on Friday to express her frustrations with the situation.

Caroline had just sent the French bulldog Ruby, whom she had already shared with star Andrew Andrew, in a dog obedience school.

She explained, "I just sent my pup to school puppy and it was really sad.

"I do not have children, so I do not know what it's like, but I had the impression of sending my child away."

Caroline Flack revealed that people often ask her when she will start a family

"Why do we all have to do the same thing?" Caroline asked about becoming a "weird" mom & # 39;

"And she was wearing a cute sweater, and yes, it's weird."

She continued, "On this note, it's my birthday tomorrow. This is not a big problem, but I'm getting older.

"And a lot of people say to me, like," Oh, you should have kids now. Or – you should do it now.

"And I say to myself, why? Why do we all have to do the same thing? It's just weird.

Caroline turns 39

French Bulldog Ruby is adorable

"The people are weird. They are. Saying anything nasty to someone is just weird. "

Caroline and Andrew, 27, announced their engagement on April 28 after a flash romance.

Last June, Michaela Wain, her former apprentice and apprentice comrade, confided to Star Magazine that he was eager to start a family.

"Andrew is desperate to be a father," she said.

Caroline and Andrew would have canceled their engagement after an economic recession

"We talked about it and I know it's ready. He wants children soon.

"He's so affectionate, he's a very entertaining character and he likes to care about people, so I hope with all my heart that it works for them."

However, it is thought that the couple recently separated after an economic crisis in Portugal.

Andrew considers that Ruby is his "daughter" and we think that he still has visits with his dog

It is always said that Caroline is in touch with her ex while they seem to share custody of their dog.

Andrew had previously described Ruby as a "girl" after buying the puppy at the start of their engagement.

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