Cartel office gives DFL the green light

Who will broadcast Bundesliga games in the future? The DFL may continue to market the rights to it.
Picture: dpa

The German Football League may continue to market media rights to the Bundesliga. In this way, the competition between the individual interested parties such as Sky, DAZN, Amazon and Co. should be promoted.

DThe Bundeskartellamt has given the German Football League (DFL) permission to market national media rights. It is about the DFL rights auction, which is actually scheduled for May and June, for the four seasons from the 2021/22 season.

Michael Ashelm

“It was important for us that not one bidder alone can exclusively acquire all live rights, who then faces the viewer as a monopolist,” said Andreas Mundt, President of the Authority. A single provider with exclusive rights would hardly have any incentives to improve the quality of reporting, to keep prices stable and to exploit the innovation potential, particularly of the Internet.

The Cartel Office indicates that it wants to promote competition between traditional TV channels (Sky) and streaming providers (such as DAZN, Telekom, Amazon). The DFL had recently confirmed that four packages were to be purchased for the rights to Bundesliga live games (Saturday afternoon, Saturday evening, Friday and Sunday and Saturday conference). However, due to the Corona crisis, it is uncertain whether the auction will take place in late May. It is about more than four billion euros.


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