Casado seeks to relieve the leaders of the PP in Asturias, Canarias and Cantabria


The case of Cantabria is the least urgent for the Popular Party. The bet of the national management isGem Same, as this newspaper has been able to know, but for the purpose of the fait accompli.

The team of Pablo Casado hopes that it will consolidate as the future regional leader of the Centabra, after having maintained the Alcalda de Santander in the last municipal elections.

The regional president of the PP in this autonomous community,Mara Jos Senz from Buruaga, did not obtain good results in the autonomic elections of last May 26. In fact, from 13 passes to nine, yielding the position of the most voted list toRegionalist Party of Cantabriaand falling eight percentage points.

His leadership has been marked by internal division. He arrived at the autonomous presidency of the CP in 2017, after dethroning Ignacio Diego in the regional congress by only four votes of difference.

Since then, this popular organization was split in two, with notable tensions that were aggravated when Casado designed autonomic candidate for the athleteRuth Beitia.

Precisely, his appointment made some charges, including Buruaga – who supported Senz de Santamara as president of the PP – threatened to leave the policy, but in the end the one who did was the former athlete, who left all his posts only 15 days after his nomination, overcome by the pressure, after his mistakes and by serious personal circumstances.

Mara Jos Senz de Buruaga was nominated and the nominees calmed down, but the PP parapreneurship and their vindication of independence were left, like a thorn in Gnova.

On the other hand, Gema Igual, considered political sister of the former Minister of Public Worksigo de la Serna, is the first woman to hold the command post of the Cantabrian capital. From there it has achieved a greater visibility than Senz de Buruaga has.

The same also likes more in Gnova: Gema Igual emerges as the leader of the future for the renewal of the regional management, apostillan the sources consulted. In this case, there is not as much hurry as in Asturias or Canary Islands, but it's the same determination.


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