Case Cuties, Netflix loses 9 billion on the stock market in a single day

The 4 little girls protagonists in a frame of the film Cuties

We told you a few days ago about the tsunami of controversy that rained down Netflix because of the affaire concerning Cuties. It is a French film in which girls are shown who have to participate in a twerking contest.

The problem was born with the poster chosen by the giant of Streaming for the film that had been accused of sexualizing the bodies of very young girls. Despite Netflix’s apologies, the petition launched riding the hashtag #CancelNetflix, consistently among the first places in world trends, has been signed by over 660 thousand people (who the details).

The controversy obviously also led to economic retaliation against the streaming giant. In fact, according to recent stock market projections, Netflix appears to be in a very evident decline with a loss quantified even 9 billion dollars.

Little did it serve the platform of the Large N. remove the offending poster and explain that the intentions were the noblest. The damage done, however, was immense.

Despite an initially unexciting trend, the negative spike is not all that extraordinary considering the enormous stock value of the company which will certainly absorb the blow without any difficulty.

The film, written and directed by the Franco-Senegalese Maimouna Doucoure tells the story of Amy, an eleven year old Senegalese who coming into contact with the dance school Cuties she will begin to deal with her own sexuality and with the limitations that her religion imposes on her.

The work also won an award during the last edition of the Sundance Film Festival as well as over gotten rave reviews all over the world.

How about all this?

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