Sigrid Wegerich from Mettmann always wanted to go to “Bars for Rares”. “I thought a lot about what I could offer from my things here,” reveals the 71-year-old civil engineer from Mettmann, moderator Horst Lichter. Since she did not find a suitable rarity herself, she now comes on the show with a friend’s piece of jewelry: a pocket watch from the Glashütte company. Wegerich has, however, been given a price limit for the magnificent watch. “At least 2800 euros,” she says. Is the watch really worth it?

This is to clarify “Cash for Rares” expert Heide Rezepa-Zabel. “It’s a real flatterer,” says the art historian about the three-lid clock. It is a production from Glashütte, but in a lower quality level. In order to be able to offer watches more cheaply, the German watch manufacturer (DUF for short) was founded. “And this is a watch like this,” says Rezepa-Zabel.

The watch is made of 585 gold and has the characteristics of Glashütte manufacture. The elevator shaft is framed and not screwed on and has the typical ruby ​​cap. The expert recognizes from the work number that the piece was manufactured in 1914. Rezepa-Zabel puts the value at 2800 to 3400 euros. “This is where the market price moves.” Saleswoman Wegerich is happy that the estimated and desired prices coincide. But in the dealer room she experiences a nasty surprise.

“Cash for Rares” dealers disagree with expertise

Fabian Kahl immediately recognizes that it is not a Lange & Söhne watch, but a DUF watch. “Also a Glashütte watch, but not the famous one,” says the dealer. “It makes a big price difference.” Daniel Meyer starts with the first bid. “I start with 1000 euros.” Susanne Steiger believes that the watch can achieve a maximum price of 1500 euros in retail – and is therefore far from the expertise.

“I like it very much and it’s worth 1300,” says Ludwig “Lucki” Hofmaier. Fabian Kahl increases to 1400 euros. “My minimum price is 2800 euros,” says the seller. But the dealers wave them off. “I’m afraid we won’t be able to get together,” says “Lucki”. Plantain takes her friend’s watch home with her. She is not sad: “Better than selling them under value.” And at least she was now at “Bares for Rares”.

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