“Cash for Rares”: shock for Susanne! Police get dealer out of bed

“Cash for Rares”: Mega shock for Susanne Steiger! Police have to get the dealer out of bed

Susanne Steiger is a dealer at Bares for Rares.

Susanne Steiger is a dealer at Bares for Rares.

Photo: ZDF / Frank W. Hempel

It’s the middle of the night. “Cash for Rares”-Seller Susanne Steiger lies in bed and sleeps when suddenly the police are at her door.

The “Cash for Rares– Dealer the officials the door. The police shock Susanne Steiger with a bad news that she has to digest first.

“Cash for Rares”: shock for Susanne Steiger

As for the “Express”, Steiger says: “The police rang me from my bed at around 5:30 am.” Steiger has been running the business on Königsstraße for many years.


This is “Cash for Rares”:

  • “Bares for Rares” is broadcast on ZDF
  • The junk show has been around since 2013
  • Horst Lichter has moderated “Cash for Rares” since the first broadcast
  • It is considered the most successful program in the ZDF afternoon program
  • “Bares for Rares” has a fixed pool of experts and dealers


“I’ve had the business for 13 years – and that’s the first slump. It gives you a strange feeling, ”says Steiger. Mostly because the perpetrators were very unscrupulous, according to the police. The window pane was broken. The burglar hastily put the jewelry together and then fled.

Fortunately, the damage is minimal

However, the damage itself is not immense, says the “Bares for Rares” dealer. Since they also did not open due to the Corona crisis, the expensive pieces were not there.

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“Of course, my business is also closed because of the corona virus, so there is nothing worthwhile to get there,” said Steiger. Fortunately: Imagine the relic cross from the “Bares for Rares” evening show had been in the shop. It would have been an invaluable loss.

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At that time, Steiger had paid 42,000 euros for the cross from before 1700. It was set with 40 carat diamonds and pieces of wood from the cross of Jesus.

Expert tells details from the show

In addition to the experts, the dealers are the protagonists of the popular junk program on ZDF. One of them recently unpacked details from the show. About what Horst Lichter is doing backstage. More HERE >>>


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