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Castilla y León begins vaccination in ten and eleven-year-old children next week in the ‘vaccinódromos’

A nurse vaccinates a minor against Covid-19 in Ciudad Rodrigo (Salamanca). / Vicente

The community expects to receive around 50,000 doses of the pediatric covid vaccine


The Junta de Castilla y León will begin the childhood vaccination against Covid-19 next week, expectedly on December 15. In this way, those under the age of ten and eleven will be the first to be immunized, with the 50,000 doses that the community expects to receive in the coming days, as the first million arrives in Spain this Monday.

The plans of the regional Executive go through the Ministry of Health to summon children under 12 years of age in the so-called ‘vacunadromes’ of Castilla y León and not in schools, as some autonomous communities are proposing, since it is the model that it considers It has “worked” in the community.

This Wednesday, December 15, the community expects 50,000 vials of Pfizer that will allow the inoculation of serum at least to schoolchildren between ten and eleven years old, who logically must be accompanied by their parents or grandparents, but with parental permission. . From there it will go down for ages.

One third of the dose

The Board, as Vice President Francisco Igea expressed this Thursday, asks parents to “trust science” and that the decision has been delayed because “the benefits and risks were expected in other countries.” Likewise, vaccination is started because these sera “have passed the filter and have the vast majority of the scientific community.”

The childhood vaccine will be dispensed in vials different from those used for the adult population; Infant formula does not require dissolving and they will receive one third of the adult dose.

In addition, unlike them, the two punctures will not be separated by 21 days, but by eight weeks, according to what the Commission has agreed upon at the proposal of the experts of the Vaccine Report, who consider that this contributes to increasing the immune response and to have all minors between the ages of five and eleven vaccinated in a short space of time with at least one dose.


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