Samira Said looking at “The Suit” with Tamer Hosni

1/2 2/2 Thank you for your reading about Samira Said watching the movie "The Suit" next to Tamer Hosni and now with the details of the Moroccan singer Samira Said, one of the concerts of the movie "The suit" starring Egyptian singer and actor Tamer Hosni, one of the showrooms of fifth assembly, east of […]

PE at Sochi airport: details, versions, information about the victims

18 people were injured at the airport of Sochi during the emergency landing of a plane flying from Moscow. Due to bad weather, the lining came out of the track and set on fire. The Boeing 737-800 aircraft flying UT579 on the Moscow-Sochi route made a tough landing at the tourist city airport. The incident […]

Lana Del Rey: the singer cancels the performance of Israel after reactions

Legend of the image The singer initially defended his decision to act at the Weather Festival Lana Del Rey canceled a scheduled performance in Israel after a reaction brought on by fans and activists. "It is important for me to act both in Palestine and in Israel and treat all my fans alike," said the […]

The Internet reacts to Ariana Grande’s mini dress at Aretha Franklin’s funeral: it’s “too short”

Ariana Grande was able to give a soul-starring performance at Aretha Franklin's funeral, but it was more than her voice that drew attention. The 24-year-old singer sang "(You Make Me Feel Like) The Natural Woman," but her mini black dress attracted the attention of several perplexed fanatics. "I'm sorry, but Ariana Grande's dress is too […]