OM: Ex-member of the Hofstad group Samir A. helped 12 women escape from IS camps | NOW

Former member of the Hofstad group and convicted terrorist Samir A. has helped at least twelve women escape from IS camps in Syria, according to the Public Prosecution Service. The man is said to have supported a total of fourteen women, of which at least twelve are on the national terrorism sanction list.

A. does not deny having supported the women financially, but sees this itself as emergency aid. His lawyer Tamara Buruma points out in the court of Rotterdam on Thursday that the only way for the women to escape IS is help from smugglers.

The Dutch government has announced that it will not pick up women and their children from the prison camps in Syria. They prefer to see people tried there.

A. himself says that he only provided the women with life money. “The large amounts went to the smugglers,” said the suspect.

Women’s assets were frozen

The public prosecutor says that the women are, or were, on the sanction list because they were allegedly involved in terrorist activities. That is why their assets have also been frozen and the financial support of A. can be characterized as financing terrorism.

“Samir A. played a crucial role in the escapes,” said the OM. “He is part of an international network of smugglers and his actions keep these women out of sight of governments and allow them to return unseen to their countries of origin or move freely in Syria and rejoin IS.”

According to the OM, some of the women have moved to Idlib, where many IS fighters are still located. In addition, not a single woman has returned to the Netherlands, so emergency aid “as outlined by the defense is out of the question.”

Man already told about financial aid in 2019

Buruma told the court that her client already had some interviews in which he admits to raising money to help the women and children in the camps. At the time, the lawyer says he voluntarily contacted the Public Prosecution Service to bring this to the attention.

A. was one of the leaders of the so-called Hofstad group, whose members were convicted in 2006 for preparing attacks on politicians and the office of the secret service AIVD. The man was sentenced to nine years in prison and was provisionally released in 2013.

The court, which said it was aware of the dire situation in the camps and spoke of a “matter of principle”, did decide that A. would remain in prison until the next hearing on December 15.


Trump refuses to commit to a peaceful transition of power if Biden wins

President Trump refused on Wednesday to commit to a peaceful transition of power if he does not win the November elections, despite the fact that such a transition has been a guarantee of US policy practically since its founding and in a apparent attempt to generate distrust towards the country’s electoral system.

“We will have to see what happens”the president said Wednesday at a press conference he gave from the White House. There, he again sowed doubts without evidence about the credibility of the election if part of the population votes by mail: “You know that I have been complaining a lot about the ballots, they are a disaster ”, something that is not true.

When pressed for an answer, he opined: “We want to have it. If they get rid of the ballots we will have … it will be a transfer … it will be very peaceful. There will be no transfer, frankly, there will be a continuation. “

Even Republican allies reacted by saying that next January 20, the date on which the presidential inauguration takes place, be it of someone reelected or of someone new, it will happen as planned.

Since June, Trump has made similar comments about the election if voting from a distance, without offering any evidence to validate what he says that those ballots are allegedly unreliable.

In an interview with Chris Wallace of Fox News, when asked if he would accept the election results whatever they were, Trump He said that “it would have to see” and assured that the vote by mail “would damage the election.”

[Biden dice en entrevista con Noticias Telemundo que le preocupa que Trump hable de una “insurrección” si pierde las elecciones]

Then in July the president suggested postponing the elections despite the fact that he has no legal power to do that and is a position that no other US president has taken in the pastNot even when the country was going through a civil war or in the middle of World War II.

Constitutionally, in addition, a president cannot remain in office beyond January 20 of the year after the elections, according to the 20th Amendment: he must have a new inauguration if he is successful or give way to whoever has been elected if he loses.

Mitch McConnell, leader of the Republican caucus that is a majority in the Senate, tweeted this Thursday that the January event will continue and there will be an “orderly transition as has happened every four years since 1972.”

Trump has been very critical this year of absentee voting, which he says is fraudulent without providing evidence to support it. However, he himself, as well as first lady Melania Trump, have signed up to vote by mail.

[Cómo votar por correo si así lo elige: lo que necesita saber para hacer contar su voz este noviembre]

His campaign and the Republicans have also encouraged voters in pendulum states (those who are key in the Electoral College and who do not have fixed partisan preferences) order their ballots by mail.

By November, more states are preparing to increase their voting operations with ballots sent this way, as voting in person could pose a risk of contagion during the election. COVID-19 pandemic.

Various studies show that voting fraud is extremely rare in the United States, and since 2018 five states have held their elections almost entirely via mail-in ballots, also called absentee voting. Among those states is Utah, a Republican government.

President Donald Trump during a press conference at the White House on Wednesday. AP

[Siga nuestra cobertura de la elección presidencial 2020]

In response to the president’s comments, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden expressed astonishment: “What country are we in?”, he said, an apparent reference to African or ex-Soviet nations whose leaders artificially cling to power by refusing to acknowledge the people’s choice when they back an opponent at the polls.

Republican senator and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney regretted what Trump said with a similar comparison.

It is essential for a democracy that there is a peaceful transition of power“Romney tweeted,” without it, this is like Belarus. ”

In that European nation, Alexander Lukashenko has acted as a warlord in recent weeks, staying in office and arresting his opponents after ample evidence that Belarusians actually voted for the candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya.

Trump’s own US administration declared this week that it does not consider Lukashenko the legitimate president.

“Any suggestion that a president [estadounidense] not respecting the constitutional guarantee “that there is a transition” is unthinkable and unacceptable, “said Senator Romney.

Retirement: how to obtain a pension of 25,000 to 60,000 pesos through voluntary savings

pixabay calculator

Maintain constant savings through a Retirement Fund Manager (Afore) is a good step to obtain a pension in the future, therefore, here we will detail what are the main benefits of this process.

According to the National Commission of the Retirement Savings System (Consar) there are three types of voluntary savings to inflate your pension when you reach adulthood and are:

Short term

These contributions are invested with a short-term horizon. For example, if it is required to use the money in a short period, this would be your best option because it will be available after two months.

Medium-term contributions

In this case, the savings must remain invested a minimum of five years. The longer the savings are invested, the more profitable they will be and the easier it will be to achieve the established goals.

The voluntary savings will be used for a future pension.  (Photo: EFE)
The voluntary savings will be used for a future pension. (Photo: EFE)

Long term

In this type of savings, the investment must remain in your account until 65 years of age. If it is left until retirement (65 years), the interested party will obtain the equivalent pension savings.

It must be remembered that the Afore is in charge of saving resources until reaching retirement and retirement age.

According to experts, the ideal to have a good pension in the future is to deposit the savings in the Afore, taking as a reference at least 20 times the minimum wage, currently 123 pesos.

However, the pension it is calculated in UMA and not in Mexican pesos. The UMA is the economic reference that was created in 2016, to determine the payment of obligations such as fines, Infonavit credits and personal deductions.

Therefore, the daily value of the Unit of Measure and Update is $ 86.88 Mexican pesos, the monthly value is $ 2,641.15 Mexican pesos and the annual value is $ 31,693.80 Mexican pesos.

In that sense, the example of a voluntary savings pension would be:

EXAMPLE: Taking into account a person currently 50 years old, and a monthly payment to his Afore of around 1,720. So, calculating in UMA (86 pesos), your 15-year pension will be at least 25,800 pesos approximately.

Instead, a person of the same age, but who started saving since 1997, will register a pension of up to 60,000 pesos approximately.

With the pension calculator you can obtain a more exact amount for retirement.  (Photo: Pixabay)
With the pension calculator you can obtain a more exact amount for retirement. (Photo: Pixabay)

Pension calculator: know the amount you will receive in your retirement if you quote in IMSS, ISSSTE or as an independent

Calculating the amount of the pension that a person will receive when it is time to retire can be very useful to plan a good future, therefore, to carry out this operation, a special tool can be accessed, which the National Commission of the Savings System will Retreat (Consar) has available.

In that sense, Consar It offers three different calculators, that is, for workers who contribute to the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS); those that are located in the Institute of Security and Social Services of State Workers (ISSSTE) and of access to the independent.

All three follow some requirements and to access the possible amount, click on the following pension calculators:

The worker who contributes to the IMSS must enter the following calculator:

For ISSSTE employees it is:

While for the independent access to:

Consar reminded users that the estimated results were calculated based on the figures provided and are only shown for illustrative purposes, so they have no official value and do not have binding effects with the Commission.


Pension calculator: know the amount you will receive in your retirement if you quote in IMSS, ISSSTE or as an independent

IMSS mode 40: how to retire with a pension of up to 50,000 pesos

Student secretly filmed: Caretaker has to go to jail for 18 months!

Urs L. * (56) was on trial in Bremgarten AG on Thursday. The ex-community caretaker from Jonen AG is said to have consumed child porn and secretly filmed children in the school’s changing rooms. He was released without notice in December 2018.

At 1.30 p.m. Urs L. is sitting in the prosecution chair. He’s visibly aged, but looks composed. The charge is tough: there are around 30 children that Urs L. filmed from August 2015 to June 2016. He used a small camera and his cell phone for this. According to the indictment, “the girls’ genital areas were always clothed purely by chance” on the videos.

Almost 100 percent hit rate: Corona dogs are in action in Helsinki

With their excellent sense of smell, specially trained dogs can warn diabetics of hypoglycaemia and even smell cancer in their breath. Now ten dogs are used to identify Sars-CoV-2 infected people.

At the airport in the Finnish capital Helsinki, dogs are supposed to help identify people infected with corona. As the airport announced on its website, ten dogs were trained to sniff out the Sars-CoV-2 virus. Four of them have been in use since Wednesday, according to the Helsinki Airport Facebook page. It is expected that the dogs’ sensitive noses will speed up identification of those infected with the pathogen.

According to preliminary tests by veterinarians from the University of Helsinki, dogs could smell the virus with almost 100 percent certainty, the airport said. A much smaller sample than necessary for medical tests is sufficient for them. “A dog only needs 10 to 100 molecules to identify the virus, while testing equipment takes 18 million,” the press release said. The animals could identify the virus before symptoms of the Covid-19 disease showed.

No direct contact with people

The four-legged friends do not come into direct contact with the travelers. During the check, a cloth is rubbed over the skin of the newcomer. This cloth is then given to the dog to sniff in a separate room. In this way, dog handlers can also be protected from an increased risk of infection.

“We are among the pioneers,” said airport boss Ulla Lettijeff. “As far as we know, no other airport has tried to use dogs’ olfactory senses on such a large scale against Covid-19.” In the future, four dogs will be used in one shift at the airport. While two are doing their job, the other two can rest or keep themselves occupied in other ways. A total of ten animals are currently being trained to become Covid-19 dogs.

How long it takes to teach a dog to recognize Covid-19 molecules depends on the dog and its experience. A bitch by the name of Kössi learned this task in just seven minutes, reported the airport operator Finavia. The greyhound mix is ​​eight years old and has a lot of experience in identifying biological samples.

At the University of Veterinary Medicine Hanover, too, they are currently working with specialized sniffer dogs from the Bundeswehr service dog school to train Covid-19 dogs.


Wife stabbed – husband called the emergency services himself – Lower Austria

A woman was seriously injured in the Kledering cadastral community in Schwechat and died shortly afterwards in hospital. The details of the bloody act.

Murder alarm Wednesday morning in a single-family house in Kledering near Schwechat (Bruck district): A man (56) is said to have inflicted several stab wounds on his wife (55) with a knife and seriously injured her before attempting to commit suicide.

Woman (55) died in the hospital

According to witnesses, Ursula R. dragged herself out of the house and slumped on the street. Shortly after 5 a.m., a large number of police and emergency doctors were on site, the critically injured mother of three daughters was taken to the Meidling Accident Hospital in Vienna, where she lost the fight against death in the shock room.

Arranged autopsy

The suspected husband, Hermann R., who himself had notified the police, suffered mild to moderate injuries. He ended up in the Baden clinic before he was to be admitted to the Korneuburg prison. The questioning of the 56-year-old should also take place in the late evening. The public prosecutor’s office ordered an autopsy of the corpse, which should also provide information about the murder weapon. Both a Stanley and a kitchen knife were seized.

Motive unclear

The last unemployed 56-year-old is said to have been mentally damaged, and a separation is said to have been in the room. According to the executive, the background to the crime and the motive are still completely unclear. It is the presumption of innocence.

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Tomasz Komenda got a job at the Collins Brothers Foundation – what will he do?

Tomasz Komenda, unjustly convicted of rape and murder for 25 years in prison, and then acquitted after 18 years in prison, accepted a job offer at the Collins Brothers Foundation. “The function that will be performed by the Specialist for the social adaptation of unjustly convicted persons” – informed Rafał Collins.

One of the Collins brothers informed about the start of cooperation with Tomasz Komenda on social media.

“A chance for development”

“Tomek had a choice of employment in three companies that I manage: a vehicle tuning studio, a restaurant in Warsaw or work in our foundation. Fortunately, he chose to work at the Collins Brothers Foundation without hesitation, which I am personally very happy about – wrote Rafał Collins.

“The function that will be performed by the Specialist for the social adaptation of unjustly convicted persons” – he added.

As we read further in the entry “Tomek will get opportunities from us for development, initially his responsibilities will only include his personal development”.

“We are fully aware that he has some catching up to do and we must give him some time for full, mutual cooperation. To run, you need to be able to walk well at the beginning, so cooperation will start with various courses (e.g. driving license) and care. psychological, because the state did not even care about it, the above activities will prepare him for better cooperation “- informed Rafał Collins.

He added that the Command will work from home so that “he will not have to leave the environment he knows and where he feels comfortable with his family close to his fiancée and the child who will soon be born”. “Our cooperation will provide his family with a peaceful life without having to worry about bills or other fees” – emphasized Rafał Collins,

“We agreed with Tomek that he would decide himself when he would be able to handle a large project. We do not hide that our cooperation in the scope in which we plan it is new to us and we will have to restructure our plans a bit, thankfully thanks to people who surround us, we have opportunities that allow us to do so “- he added.

Who are the Collins brothers?

Grzegorz and Rafał Collins are two brothers from Legnica. They come from a poor family. In 2004, they emigrated to Great Britain. They were still teenagers then. Rafał started out as a kitchen assistant in a restaurant in central London, and Grzegorz as a construction assistant. After a few years, the first of them ran a few of its own computer stores, and the second – its own construction company.

In search of new prospects, the brothers founded an automotive company. The plan was ambitious and assumed the creation of a prestigious brand, desired and providing services at the highest level for a wealthy clientele, including celebrities. The first successes came after a few years. The brothers also gained a new partner, Shane Lynch of Boyzone.

In the following years, they opened a branch in Qatar, and later began recording the program “Odjazdowe Bryki Braci Collins” on TVN Turbo, in which they showed their work as well as funny and interesting moments from their private lives. They also took part in the program “America Express 2”, in which they took 2nd place. In August, they returned with a new show, The Collins Brothers Going to Work. Its episodes can be watched on Wednesdays at 10:00 PM on Discovery Channel.

Wrongly condemned

Tomasz Komenda was convicted of the crime in Miłoszyce in Lower Silesia on New Year’s Eve in 1996. A 15-year-old girl had fun with her friends at the disco. At one point she went outside the building. Several hours later she was found dead on a private property across from the disco. She died as a result of a cold and sustained wounds.

Komenda spent 18 years in prison. He had completed elementary and special education at the time of his conviction, and had no problems with the law. In May last year, the Supreme Court acquitted him after reopening the proceedings. Currently, he is fighting in court for compensation – almost PLN 19 million.

TVN journalist Grzegorz Głuszak became interested in the case of the Command, who for describing the case received the MediaTory award and the honorary award of the Andrzej Woyciechowski.

Film and marriage proposal

On September 10, the premiere of the film “25 years of innocence. The Tomek Komenda case” directed by Jan Holoubek took place. The picture was produced by TVN Discovery. Shortly after the premiere screening, Tomasz Komenda proposed on the stage to his chosen one. – I didn’t expect this at all. He was successful in his surprise – Anna Walter, Tomasz’s fiancée, did not hide her emotion. – I’ll be a father in three months. I am very happy about it. The son’s name will be Filip – the Command revealed.

Film hit theaters on September 18 and will be displayed for two months.

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Storm, Weather | The storm in the north has hit Troms

The storm that swept over Nordland on Wednesday afternoon has now hit Troms. Around 2,500 households have been without electricity.

The power outage affects Målselv, Salangen, Senja and Sørreisa in Indre and Midt-Troms, writes NRK. In total, around 2,500 households have been without electricity.

Objects such as trees, fences and roof tiles have loosened in several places in the county, and the storm is expected to continue into the evening.

– We have been notified that several roof tiles on houses have come loose. Large bushes have cracked and blocked roads and made access difficult, says Jan Erik Solheim, operations manager at Harstad police station to the canal.

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On Wednesday, a full to strong storm was also reported in Vesterålen and Lofoten. The airport in Svolvær is closed, and an orange warning has been issued.

In Eastern Norway, yellow danger warnings were also sent out on Thursday about strong gusts of wind in several places. In the interior, there can be talk of winds between 15-20 m / s.

Caravan blew off the road

In Sørdalen in Sortland municipality, a caravan blew off the road. There were two people in the caravan, and one person has a possible fracture in one arm. Both have been taken by ambulance, the police in Nordland write Twitter.

Operations Manager Remi Johansen in the Nordland police district told NTB around 7pm on Wednesday about a lot of weather and wind in the area.

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– It is especially from Vesterålen that we have received many messages, in the area of ​​Melbu and Sortland. There are a lot of strange things flying – everything from trees to roof surfaces and advertising posters.

Orange warning for Vesterålen

For Vesterålen it is issued hazard warning at orange level.

– We expect west and southwest full to strong storm with very strong gusts of 35-40 meters per second towards Vesterålen and the coast of Troms, writes Meteorological Institute.

According to the operations manager, the police have not received any more reports of injured people.

– Knock on wood. We try to ask people to be out as little as possible. No matter how fun it is to be outside in bad weather, it does not help if you get a roof plate in your head, says Johansen.

Svolvær airport closed

Both Leknes Airport and Svolvær Airport also report very strong winds on Wednesday afternoon, writes Lofoten Post.

Airport manager Bjørn Opsahl at Svolvær airport says that the airport has had to close due to power outages. All flights are canceled.

The duty officer in the flight tower at Svolvær airport, Frank Johansen, says that the wind has mostly been up to 77 knots, corresponding to around 40 meters per second.

The hot tub blew off the trailer

Earlier Wednesday afternoon, a hot tub blew off a trailer on Gimsøybrua in Nordland along the E10. It happened after someone tried to cross the closed bridge in Vågan municipality. The piston was strapped to the railing.

Several bridges are now closed in Lofoten, including Rafsundbrua and Kåkernbrua, operator Fredrik Nyland at Veitrafikksentralen informs NRK.

– Since I came to work a couple of hours ago, the wind has blown up quite a bit. The gusts of wind on Gimsøybrua are up to 42 seconds. There are few detour options, and it looks like it will be closed for some time to come.

On Monday morning, the Troms police district also had to send out a recommendation on Twitter, after a shark had drifted ashore at Leira near Mortenhals.

– This is not the only boat that has worn out, owners are asked to check their boats.

(© NTB)

On Wednesday, 15 people were injured in 88 accidents and one died

Last day, 88 road traffic accidents were registered in the country, 15 people were injured and one of them died, the portal “Delfi” found out from the State Police.

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It has already been reported that on Wednesday, September 23, at 09:32 in Balvi region, Kubulu parish, on the highway Balvi-Gulbene, there was a collision between the vehicle “Volkswagen Golf” and elk. Born in 1959, died driver.

A total of 413 administrative infringement decisions have been taken in the field of road traffic.

228 decisions were made on speeding and six on driving under the influence of alcohol.

One decision was made on driving under the influence of drugs and four on aggressive driving.

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Cannot be Careless, the Government Starting Today Suggests to Wear SNI Masks

PR BEKASI – Until now in Indonesia, the spread Covid-19 still not seen a decline.

Since the outbreak Covid-19 hit the world, especially in Indonesia, many markets offer various types of masks.

Starting from surgical masks, cloths and even scuba which are currently prohibited, because they are not effective in preventing Covid-19.

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It turns out that the use of masks is currently regulated in the National Standardization Body (BSN). Of course, the use of cloth material must be right for making masks.

Although a number of health protocols have been implemented by the government, namely by implementing 3M (keeping a distance, wearing masks and washing hands).

But back to the community, how can they obey and obey avoid spreading the virus Covid-19 when outside the house one of them by wearing a mask.

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