Requirement of 15 years in prison and TBS for serial rapes, ‘atrocity unprecedented’ | NOW

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) on Thursday demanded fifteen years in prison and TBS with forced nursing against a 26-year-old man from Eindhoven for raping ten girls and women. The rapes were very violent and the prosecutor said that the “atrocity is unprecedented”.

The OM spoke about shocking facts. For example, Jonathan M. allegedly assaulted the victims and some rapes would have lasted for hours.

He filmed everything with his phone and afterwards he threatened to spread the images he made if the girls or women talked about the rape. M. told one of the victims to “kill her”.

“He even asks if she still wants to say goodbye to someone,” said the public prosecutor. “But if she says she wants to call her father, that’s not allowed. After he puts his hands around her throat and puts the pressure on, she thinks she will die. But then he stops and the abuse starts again.”

The victims were approached on the street or online. The images were found on the man’s phone. It was clear how the terrified victims “did not stand a chance,” said the OM.

‘He doesn’t take any responsibility’

Given the seriousness of the criminal offenses and the large number of victims, the Public Prosecution Service has come up with a hefty sentence. “The way he talks about his victims is downright disgusting. The suspect does not take any responsibility for his actions.”

M. was also convicted of rape in 2012. Then after going out, he kissed a girl in a nature reserve, after which “something snapped inside him”. He threw her on the ground, hit her, and raped her.

“I know I have this problem. It has happened before. I have hit people before because something snaps in my head”, M. said about this.

Behavioral experts have found him to have an antisocial personality disorder.


The campaign “ROADPOL Safety Days” is over!

From 16 September, the ROADPOL Safety Days campaign organized by the European Traffic Police Network “ROADPOL” took place in the Member States of the European Union, including Latvia.

The aim of this campaign was to work together to ensure that there were no road accidents with fatalities and serious injuries on European roads at that time.

Unfortunately, the goal of “ROADPOL Safety Days” on Latvian roads has not been achieved. More than 600 road accidents have been registered this week, killing 116 people and killing two people. These tragic accidents could probably be caused by driver negligence or fatigue.

During this week, the police carried out intensified road traffic monitoring. Both drivers and vulnerable road users were monitored. The use of seat belts and child seats was monitored, as well as increased speed control. Given that more police forces were involved in road traffic monitoring, and despite informing the public about the forthcoming inspections, it must be concluded that some road users have nevertheless acted irresponsibly and failed to comply with the requirements of road traffic regulations.

During the inspections on Latvian roads, a total of 2360 administrative violation decisions were made. Out of the total number of decisions made on exceeding the permitted driving speed, 1423 decisions were made, which is slightly more than everyday. Also, 49 decisions were made on driving under the influence of alcohol and six on driving under the influence of drugs. In turn, 252 people are secured while driving without wearing seat belts.

“We urge drivers not only to be reckless and take care of their own safety not only during such campaigns, but also to remember that non-compliance with traffic regulations, including speeding and drink-driving, endangers not only the driver but also the vehicle. passengers and other road users. Remember – the attitude and behavior of every road user on the road is the basis for safety! ” emphasizes Juris Jančevskis, Acting Head of the Traffic Safety Board of the State Police.

The current statistics are not encouraging, 94 traffic participants have died in road traffic accidents in Latvia by September 22 this year, but 3,058 were injured, of whom 346 were seriously injured. In the same period last year, 92 people died in road accidents and 337 were seriously injured.

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Donation of Used Clothes for Flood Victims in Sukabumi Becomes Trash? This said volunteers – A video circulating on the social media network Facebook. The video shows the accumulation of used clothes in a prayer room located at the location of the Sukabumi flash flood.

In the 1 minute 53 second video, you can see a number of used clothes piling up in one of the prayer rooms that are suspected of being used as a post for receiving aid or donations.

After being traced, the video was apparently taken by one of the humanitarian volunteers at the disaster site. The volunteer was named Bang Gun.

Bang Gun confirmed that the video actually took place in one of the prayer rooms in Nyangkowek Village, Mekarsari Village, Cicurug District, Sukabumi Regency.

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“So it is not unused, but very much from the giver is not sorted tightly. So, what arises is an accumulation of used clothes which makes a new job and a burden afterward,” he explained, Thursday (24/9/2020).

“So in other words, in quotation marks, they only hitched a ride throwing away clothes that were not used. Based on my personal experience, including in the Pandeglang tsunami, landslides and flash floods in Cigudeg some time ago,” he added.

He said that this phenomenon did not only occur in the flash floods that hit Sukabumi some time ago. However, similar things have often happened in previous natural disasters.

“Several experiences in the field when natural disasters occur, the aid of used clothes actually creates new problems, namely the mountains of used clothes, which are indeed unfit for use,” he said.

“Well, just like in Nyangkowek, when some volunteers were sorted out properly, only about 10 percent of the total was utilized. That’s not all in the video, not at the post and other volunteers,” he said. Bang Gun.


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Large dumping of drug waste in Brabant village

In Beers, Brabant, south of Nijmegen, 21 barrels with a capacity of 1000 liters were found. Police say it is clearly drug waste and call it anti-social.

“If 21,000 liters of drug waste enter the soil unattended, it will pose a danger to animals and flora,” says unit coordinator for Synthetic Drugs Marloes Lippens. “And how bitter it is that the costs of cleaning up and cleaning up this mess are being paid by the taxpayer.”

The police are looking for witnesses who saw the barrels yesterday. People who have been to the site when the barrels were not yet there are also asked to report.

NOS Op 3 previously made this video about drug waste:

The SPKC has developed an action plan for parents if a child has signs of an acute respiratory infection

Center for Disease Prevention and Control (SPKC) has developed recommendations for parents and educational institutions on what to do in case a child has signs of an acute respiratory infectious disease, LETA explained.

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The SPKC has called it an “action algorithm” and states that if a child has at least one of the signs of an acute respiratory infection, he or she should stay at home.

In case the child has a rise in body temperature above 37 degrees with other symptoms or 37.4 degrees and more, but without other symptoms, as well as if the child has a dry cough, sore throat, taste and smell disturbances or loss – parents by phone contact your GP and follow his instructions.

Your doctor may then order your child to take a Covid-19 test, as needed. Accordingly, if the result is positive, the child must adhere to the isolation until the family doctor’s decision to terminate it, if it is negative, the family doctor makes the decision to terminate the home isolation, as mentioned in the recommendations developed by the SPKC.

However, in cases where the test cannot be performed, the child must be kept in solitary confinement for at least 14 days.

After that, the child can visit the educational institution again with a doctor’s certificate.

In contrast, in cases where the child has a severe runny nose, such as a stuffy nose, discharge from the external passages of the nose or nose, sneezing, pressure in the nose and forehead, or a rise in body temperature to 37.5 degrees without other signs of the disease, or severe headache, muscle pain and diarrhea – the child should remain at home for up to 72 hours of observation. If necessary, parents can consult a family doctor by phone.

If the child’s condition has deteriorated during these hours, other signs have appeared, the doctor should decide to take the Covid-19 test, but if the child no longer shows signs of infectious disease, there is no increase in body temperature for at least 24 hours without the use of antipyretics. there may be a slight discharge from the nose, but in general the child feels satisfactory, then he can attend an educational institution with parental justification.

It has already been reported that the number of Covid-19 cases detected in educational institutions is increasing in Latvia and currently the infected are registered in five schools, as well as in one university and kindergarten.

Also, one of the 34 cases discovered on Monday is related to school, the epidemiologist found. SPKC data show that a total of Covid-19 was found in five people of school age on Monday.

According to the information provided by the expert, in almost all cases only one case of the disease was detected in the whole educational institution, and the infection did not take place in the educational institution itself, however, infected children have been there.

In one case, however, there was an internal spread of the infection, Perevoshchikov noted. He explained that this was a class that had previously been quarantined at home after the Covid-19 case was discovered. This case has come to light as a result of an epidemiological inquiry.

Riga City Council The Department of Education, Culture and Sports confirmed that in recent days the disease with Covid-19 has been detected in Rīnūži Secondary School and pre-school educational institution “Blāzmiņa”, both of which are located in Vecmīlgrāvis.

Riga East Secondary School was the first educational institution, in which Covid-19 was diagnosed this autumn. It was later revealed that a Covid-19 patient was also found Daugavpils 16th secondary school.

Last week, an infection with Covid-19 was also discovered in a general education teacher and someone university student, said Ilze Arāja, a representative of the SPKC.

She said that of the 17 cases of Covid-19 infection newly discovered on Friday, one is a case of illness for a teacher at a general education school in Riga. In this case, the infected contacts are identified, which are within the same class.

Ministry of Education and Science The collected data show that 448 or 82% of schools implement studies in the A or full-time model, while 102 schools or 18% – in the B or combined model.

A gang of thieves in Prague focused on poorly walking seniors. They robbed them of their purchases

According to forensic scientists, four women and three men mostly ran in shops from June to September. They are responsible for 41 cases.

“They literally committed ‘hyenism’ in cases where they chose people who were less mobile and used a walker or wheelchair as victims,” ​​said police spokeswoman Violeta Siřišťová.

The group was detained on Tuesday night in various parts of the republic. In addition, five of them were in a nationwide search. During house searches, police found stolen handbags, drugs or weapons. All the detainees have already been prosecuted.

Police found handbags from the thieves

Photo: Police of the Czech Republic

Subsequently, they were charged with theft and measures, alteration and counterfeiting of the means of payment. They face up to eight years in prison. Three women aged 23 to 26 ended up in custody, the rest of the group aged 20 to 38 are being examined at large.

At the same time, criminal investigators are asking other victims to call 158.

Weapon found

Photo: Police of the Czech Republic

Banned Scuba and Buff Types, BSN Releases Standardization of Cloth Masks to Prevent the Spread of Covid-19

PR DEPOK – Notice of prohibition of use face mask made from Scuba and Buff has recently become a hot topic of conversation.

It was reported that Commuter Line users in Jakarta are currently prohibited from using face mask by type fabric the.

Previously reported use face mask Scuba has become a trend among the community, especially face mask with unique motifs such as faces of world leaders and others.

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However, some time ago the expert mentioned that the public should avoid using it face mask Scuba is due to pores fabric which widen when used.

However it is currently in use face mask has been regulated by the National Standardization Agency (BSN), as quoted from the official, there is an effective way to avoid the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic when outside the home, namely by wearing face mask according to standard.

Furthermore, the standardization is contained in the Indonesian National Standard (SNI8914: 2020 Textile-face mask from fabric.

Reported setting SNI face mask fabric based on the Decree of the Head BSN Number 407 / KEP /BSN/9/2020.

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Brussels: Lukashenko not recognized as President of Belarus | Abroad

After the elections on 9 August, the EU already stated that it did not recognize the result, a generous victory for Lukashenko, while everything pointed to good opportunities for the opposition. The ballot box was “neither free nor fair”, Borrell repeats. “The so-called ‘inauguration’ and the new mandate claimed by Lukashenko, therefore, lack any democratic legitimacy.” The regime in Minsk must immediately stop violence against the opposition, release all political prisoners and call new elections, underlines the EU foreign chief.

Lukashenko was secretly sworn in on Wednesday. “This ‘inauguration’ goes directly against the will of large sections of the Belarusian population,” said Borrell. According to him, this is evident from “the many, unprecedented and peaceful protests” against the regime. This weekend tens of thousands of people took to the streets. Hundreds of protesters were arrested in a women’s protest.

The Netherlands also announced that it would not recognize Lukashenko as president and that it would notify the Belarusian ambassador.


The EU has been brooding for weeks on sanctions against Minsk, but they are being stopped by Cyprus. A decision should be taken at Thursday’s EU summit, but the summit has been postponed for a week.

22 new cases of Covid-19 were registered in Latvia; found another “focus” in the factory [papildināts] – In Latvia

Last day, 22 new cases of Covid-19 were registered in Latvia, according to data compiled by the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (SPKC).

According to the information available to the SPKC, 18 patients became infected from known sources of infection, including eight cases related to an industrial production company. The Covid-19 focal was reported to have recently been discovered by food producer Forevers.

Yesterday, two cases of the disease were related to the manufacturing company. Today, however, the infection was detected in eight more employees, thus a total of ten infections have already been related to this company.

Since the evening, SPKC has been working with the company’s management, including providing recommendations and appointing contact persons. According to the SPKC, some of the company’s employees had not come to work before the onset of symptoms, which may have reduced the spread of the infection.

The center emphasizes that this is the second company in a relatively short period of time where several cases of the disease have been diagnosed. Consequently, the SPCC reminds employers that in the event of Covid-19-specific symptoms, the employee should not come to work.

A total of 2403 Covid-19 tests were performed yesterday, of which 0.9% were diagnosed. Representatives of the SPKC have emphasized that a significant limit for this indicator is 3%, exceeding which indicates that the disease is spreading uncontrollably in the country.

So far, 304,221 examinations have been performed in Latvia, 1,594 persons have become ill and 1,248 have recovered. A total of 36 people who had been diagnosed with Covid-19 died.

Data from the National Health Service show that one patient with Covid-19 was hospitalized in the last 24 hours. In total, seven patients are treated in hospitals, all of whom have a moderate course of the disease. To date, 222 patients have been discharged from hospitals, including both recovered and deceased.

VIDEO: This is how they rob in Poruba. The young man from Ostrava allegedly did it out of hunger

On the basis of operative activities, evaluated traces and evidence, criminal investigators almost immediately identified the possible perpetrator of the robbery. As it turned out later, he was a 23-year-old man from Ostrava. Police officers investigating the person detained the suspect in the morning.

Watch a video of one of the robberies

Source: PČR

“The first act took place on Sunday, September 13, 2020 at around 9:45 p.m. A minor boy aged 16 was just returning from dance in Ostrava-Poruba, when he was approached by an unknown man. “The young man decided not to seize the money by force when he was not satisfied with it. At first he was to verbally threaten to harm him physically and finally he had to take 80 crowns from his trouser pocket himself. He then left the crime scene,” said police spokeswoman Eva Michalíková.

In the second case, an hour later, he approached a 23-year-old man in Ostrava-Poruba and demanded thirty crowns. At first, the injured man did not take him seriously and did not spend any money. “After he was supposed to start threatening him with physical damage, the injured man, out of fear for his life and health, took a wallet in his pocket in which he had 1,000 crowns. the country, “a police spokesman said.

The commissioner from the 4th Department of General Crime in Ostrava told the man the accusation of committing a particularly serious crime of robbery.

“The accused man said during the interrogation that he regretted his actions. He did not plan to rob, but he was hungry. He only spent a few hundred on food. The remaining money was secured by police and will be returned to the owners,” a police spokeswoman added.