They allocate several members of the MS-13 in California

FRESNO, California, EE. U.S. (AP) – More than a dozen members and members of the MS-13 band have been accused after a long drug-and-kill investigation focused on an agricultural city in California, said the federal prosecutor in Sacramento. McGregor Scott said yesterday in a telephone interview that the investigation helped to solve murders and assaults […]

The blacklist of celebrities HMRC about avoiding taxes with cable support

Copyright image PA HM Revenue and Customs – stated that the policy of blocking people from receiving honors if it was found that avoiding taxes was backed by Sir Vince Cable. People who use legitimate but controversial schemes are being "listed blank" to protect the reputation of the list of honors, says the Times A […]

Donald Trump brutally wins the “biggest stadium” promise by Ted Cruz

President Donald Trump was very mocked of Twitter about his "total and full support" from Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Friday. Trunfo tweeted that he would be "doing a great match" in support of Cross in October in "the" Cross faces the tough competition for re-election in the upcoming mid-November election of its challenger, Democratic […]

Neonicotinoids prohibited to protect bees

After years of controversy, neonicotinoid pesticides are now banned from French territory. A ban aimed at protecting the colonies of bees in decline, but denounced by farmers who demand time to develop alternatives. Available since the mid-90s, neonicotinoids, a set of seven neurotoxic insecticides (acetamiprid, clothianidin, imidacloprid, thiacloprid, thiamethoxam, nitenpyram and dinotefuran) have become the […]

Explosion near Ingolstadt: fire at the refinery site: large-scale deployment of firefighters and police officers, several wounded

Explosion near Ingolstadt: fire at the refinery site: large-scale deployment of firefighters and police officers, several wounded Thanks for your score 0 Lino Mirgeler / dpa Image 1/3: There was a fire at a refinery site in Bayernoil near Ingolstadt. Firefighters are in action. Sebastian Pieknik / News5 / dpa Image 2/3 Lino Mirgeler / […]

Syria condemns the murder of the president of the People’s Republic of Donetsk

Syria condemned in a stronger manner the terrorist act that led to the assassination of Donetsk People's Republic of Russia Alexander Zakharchenko, saying he was cowardly and threatens the security and stability in the region. "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs of the Syrian Arab Republic condemns in the strongest terms The terrorist […]

“The burning sparks flew”. The rays arrive at a plane Moscow – Norilsk

In the Nordstar plane, which flew from Moscow to Norilsk on August 31, the lightning hit the takeoff. According to the passengers, "the burning sparks flew", after the plane began to tremble and began to move from left to right, and then became completely "unmanageable". About what happened, according to eyewitnesses, he writes a public […]

UK tax agents face being blocked by the list of honors

Tax evaders face being rejected by honors such as knights, as authorities embrace rewards to those who have "poor" financial behavior. HM revenue and customs alerted the people involved in controversial regimes, with a memorandum of understanding obtained by the Times saying that "bad fiscal behavior is not consistent with granting an honor." A document […]

The summer of Trump from hell

Imagine how Trump was feeling for the administration. Last month, we documented how the White House and the office of President Donald Trump worked hard to remodel the federal government while all others focused on intertwined personal dramas, personal betrayals, diplomatic offenses, guilty statements and guilty verdicts surrounding the Trump core. Not to mention the […]