Second moon for the earth

Second moon for the earth


Looks like Rockstar Games is making fun of a new ad

If you think the latest rumors about what Rockstar Games are doing, it looks like they are about to announce a new game. The company is still going high enough on both of them Red Dead Redemption 2 as well as Grand Theft Auto Onlineand technically it wouldn’t be necessary to create a new game for a while. But according to Reddit’s latest rumors, it appears that the company is preparing for a new revelation. This was supported by a post in which they discuss the new look of the Rockstar logo, which you can see below, with wonderful phrases from some different games like Bully, in the middle of the logo.

Looks like Rockstar Games is making fun of a new ad
Credit: Rockstar Games

Right now, the persistent rumor is that this is a setting for Rockstar Games to announce a novelty Grand Theft Auto title. Although it would be nice, there is also talk of a new Bully game being announced. It also speaks of a new expansion to something sinister. But the reality is that we won’t know until the ad is published. So for now, spend the night gathering all the rumors to determine when we’ll hear something about it.

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A student discovers 17 exoplanets, one of them of comparable size to Earth and in the habitable zone

The planet KIC-7340288 b is about 1,000 light years away from Earth, which means that we will hardly be able to visit it in the near future.

Michelle Kunimoto, a student at the University of British Columbia, in Canada, discovered 17 exoplanets. The results from their work they saw the light in The Astronomical Journal on Tuesday.

The probably most interesting finding is the planet KIC-7340288 b, which orbits in the habitable zone of its star – where the presence of liquid water is possible – and has a size 1.5 times larger than Earth, which means it could be a rocky world like ours. It receives from its star only a third of the energy that the Earth obtains from the Sun, and its year has a duration of 142.5 Earth days.

However, the enormous distance that separates us from KIC-7340288 b suggests that we will hardly visit it, at least in the foreseeable future.

“This planet is about 1,000 light years away, so we won’t be there soon! But this finding is really exciting, since so far only 15 small confirmed planets have been found in the habitable zone, “says Kunimoto, quoted by a release of the University.

The sizes of the other exoplanets sighted by the student vary between 0.66 and 8 Earth diameters

Kunimoto’s discovery was made possible by analyzing the data collected by NASA’s Kepler probe. In particular, the researcher used the so-called transit method, which consists in the detection of the movement of space objects located between the star and the observer.

“Every time a planet passes in front of a star, it blocks a part of the light of that star and causes a temporary decrease in the brightness of the star. When you find these decreases, known as ‘transits’, you can start gathering information about the planet, like its size and how long it takes to orbit, “Kunimoto explains.

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Almost all of the best-selling smartphones in 2019 were an iPhone or Galaxy

Just where these phones dominated is another matter. It won’t surprise you to know that Apple dominated North America, taking all the top five slots and taking two of the top spots in Europe. In most other places, however, it is a Samsung planet. Samsung owned the largest number of phones in the top five in Europe, Latin America, MEA (Middle East and Africa) and much of the Asia Pacific region. The only place where Apple and Samsung failed to locate was obviously China. Oppo, Vivo and Huawei led the group to their home country.

While this aligns with market share estimates, it does not fully reflect the market. Companies like Huawei and BBK (which owns Oppo, Vivo, Realme and OnePlus) are often fine, but their phone sales tend to be spread across many models rather than a handful of favorites. However, this showed the lack of variety in the market and Counterpoint warned that there seemed to be a “consolidation” in which fewer and fewer phone manufacturers enjoyed success. This is a problem if you are keen on telephone choices, especially if you live in a place where a brand reigns supreme.

The 10 best phones of 2019 for sales according to Counterpoint

Soon you will be able to customize the tanks in “Battlefield V”

If you like the ability to customize random things in the middle of a war, then you will enjoy the next addition of Electronic Arts Battlefield V. Starting March 4, you can decorate your tank however you like when it falls in battle or when you are piloting it. You can read more about the game’s subreddit, but as you can read below, Battlefield V basically it will allow you to run the mill when it comes to making it look like you want. We can’t wait to see all the pink flamingo tanks trying to merge with the snow levels in the future.

Credit: Electronic Arts

How will personalization of the tank body work?

First of all, many of you wonder if there will be options to buy customization with the company’s currency or the battlefield currency: the answer is yes to both. When update 6.2 stops, check your company. We are adding 37 customization pieces to your company immediately for purchase with the company currency. We will also shoot the rest of them through Armory rotations that will have varying rarities, just like the skin rarities of weapons or soldiers. We will have many for Company Coin and some Epics that will be available for purchase with the Battlefield Currency. When you personalize your tanks, you will have 3 items to choose from: Personalization: Paint Job (as you normally have), Dressing of the frame (body customization) and Dressing of the turret (customization of cannons / turrets).

About Gavin Sheehan

Gavin has been a life fanatic who can talk to you about comics, television, video games and even wrestling. He can also teach you how to play chess on Star Trek, be your Mercy on Overwatch, recommend random cool music and become a thief in D&D. He also likes standup comedy, let’s play videos and trying new games, along with hundreds of other geeky things that can’t be covered in a single paragraph. Follow @TheGavinSheehan on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vero, for random images and reflections.

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Google Play Store gets the Dark Mode option, available only on Android 10

Google first introduced its system-wide dark mode on Android 10. While Dark mode on Android 10 looks good, once you switch from “System” settings to dark mode, apps and services like Google Play will also follow. system settings. However, this “behavior” plagues many users as they have to go back to Light mode if they want to have the white interface in apps like the Google Play Store. Today, these users can finally rest from the launch of a new update to add a passage in dark mode to the Play Store app.

Google Play Store

The company added a separate dark mode on the Play Store settings page. Thus ending any problem with a forced Light or Dark mode. This is definitely a good improvement and adds more versatility to the new Android interface. You can also set the application to follow system settings by selecting the system default option.

It is worth noting that this feature is not widely available to all users. First of all, it requires Android 10, no surprises. Secondly, it appears to be available only for some devices. This is natural behavior since Google usually distributes server-side updates for the Google Play Store. In the coming days, we expect to see more Android devices getting the new switch.

The virus forces the Ryan family to cancel the anniversary trip

The threat posed by the coronavirus epidemic prompted the family of the late Gerry Ryan to cancel an Italian trip scheduled to celebrate the tenth anniversary of his death.

The legendary 2fm broadcaster died of heart failure on April 30, 2010, at 53 years old.

Her eldest son, Lottie (33), told Sunday Independent: “We should have gone to Italy for my father’s anniversary next month and I don’t think it will happen now.

CS: GO’s Katowice IEM tournament is not the same without an audience

Counter-Strike: global offensive The tournament, IEM Katowice, was unable to host a live audience, leaving the teams competing in an oddly silent stadium. IEM Katowice is one of the world-renowned competitive IEM tournaments. In addition, IEM tournaments are by far some of the most anticipated non-major competitions. This week, sixteen of the most talented CSGO the teams met in Katowice, Poland, to face a piece of the $ 500,000 prize pool.

While IEM Katowice is one of the recently hit tournaments, CSGO it is not the only community affected by the coronavirus epidemic. January 2020, he announced that Blizzard’s Overwatch League has canceled the professional Overwatch matches and events in China due to the virus. Likewise, the gaming hardware industry has undergone a profound cut. For example, reports claimed that delays were expected for the highly anticipated Playstation5 and Xbox Series X because most of the production takes place in China.

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Second EuroGamerSpodek Arena remained mysteriously silent while the teams continued to play without crowds. The stage part of the tournament started on Friday 28 February. Typically, the images of the competing teams would have been completely absorbed by an enthusiastic crowd; however, Twitch’s live broadcasts show otherwise. Legendary French player Kenny “kennyS” Schrub was seen casually standing next to his teammate, looking at an empty crowd. In the background there is no support from passionate fans, who encourage their favorite teams. Rather than flashy transition scenes from an enthusiastic audience, the camera now focuses exclusively on the stage, whose extravagant light show is exclusively for the online observer.

Days earlier, ESL had made statements regarding their position on the safety and health of the participants. An IEM press release was released on February 26, 2020 stating that the organization was implementing mandatory health checks for all players, participants, staff and special guests. In addition, medical professionals had to be made available, as well as health stations and first aid patrols. In addition, the medical staff were reportedly set up to educate the public on proper hygiene techniques.

Despite their efforts, Polish officials considered the event a significant medical risk. ESL respects the decision made and agrees with their feeling that public health should be the number one priority. The players expressed their heavy hearts but also made the final decision. Counter-Strike: global offensive The IEM Katowice 2020 finals take place on March 1st and can be viewed online on

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Silent Hill Pyramid Head Death New Rumors

The Silent Hill artist teases the death of Pyramid Head, promoting Kojima’s voices

The first 20 minutes of Doom Eternal sold me on the game

BOSTON – I have a somewhat embarrassing confession to make: I have never played a Doom game from start to finish. As a kid, I played with my dad’s copy on the family PC and tried to do it through Doom 64. As an adult, I tried Doom (2016) at conventions and used it to test gaming headphones. But I’ve never felt compelled to sit down and invest in a Doom game – until now. After playing the first 20 minutes of Doom Eternal, I am convinced that I will lose myself if I do not play.

I practiced Doom Eternal at PAX East 2020, and while it’s my third time trying the game, it’s my first session which lasted more than 10 minutes. In this demo, I got to play the opening footage and a good portion of the first level, killing more demons than I could shake a chainsaw. Doom Eternal is not just a frantic and adrenaline filled adventure; it is also a very intelligent resource management game. And if this sounds boring, then you haven’t experienced Doom Eternal’s approach on the subject.

Motorola’s first flagship since 2018 confirmed by Verizon –

  1. Motorola’s first flagship since 2018 has been confirmed by Verizon
  2. Verizon confirms that it will carry Motorola’s PhoneArena-enabled 5G flagship
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