TV as the lifestyle screen: the future of Samsung screens

Samsung is committed to the development of products that adapt to consumer lifestyles. Alongside this line, Samsung understands that the television screen is on all sides these days: its traditional role as a television provider no longer serves. Television screens are being the most definitive lifestyle product and Samsung is at the forefront of evolving […]

Cold and dry climate responsible for neandraltal disappearance

Visitors take photographs of models that represent Flowers, human women and Neanderthals in the "Musee des Confluences", a new science and anthropology museum in Lyon, central France, on December 18, 2014. The Neanderthals had a long duration in Europe, but they disappeared about 40,000 years ago after modern humans appeared. (VOA) RepublicReprint The ancient periods […]

The growing trust of NASA in private companies fuel innovation

| Christian Davenport | WASHINGTON (The Washington Post) – The rap at NASA is that it is a risk averse, trapped in the old ways of doing things, blocked by a large 60-year bureaucracy that was punished by two fatal shuttle disasters. That was the spirit that seemed to welcome the controversial SpaceX fuel plan. […]

Twitter plans to launch threats, “Who is online”

Twitter plans to launch conversations with topics such as Facebook and status indicators, showing who is more online among its followers – on its platform. In a tweet, CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, said yesterday that the microblogging platform will soon receive interesting updates. "Playing with some new Twitter features: presence (who else is on […]