The head of the DNR chief called the organizer of the assassination of Zakharchenko

For the murder of Alexander Zakharchenko, the Special Forces of Operations of Ukraine were stationed, Alexander Kazakov, chief of the DNR chief executive, said. According to him, the detainees in the case of the attempt confessed to the "order of Kiev" they received Photo: Igor Maslov / RIA Novosti The detainees in the case of […]

Joy for the tragic parents of Alfie Evans as they welcome a new baby

Alfie Evans's parents welcomed a new baby four months after losing a rare neurodegenerative disorder at 23 months of age. According to reports, Kate James, 20, gave birth to baby Thomas – named after his father, Tom Evans, 21 – last month. Alfie's case has been the subject of a broad international debate after his […]

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham: the toughest enemy of the Syrian regime in Idlib

Beirut (AFP): The Syrian regime and its Russian ally threaten an offensive to resume the northeastern province of Idlib, the last rebel stronghold of Syria, where the jihadist group Hayat Tahrir al-Sham maintains influence. The jihadiist alliance, whose core is formed by the former Al Qaeda branch in Syria, is likely to be the hardest […]

EE. UU. Search for help for the work of Palestinian aid from the United Nations

Stand: 9:34 p.m. | Reading time: 4 minutes Hanan Aschrawi, a member of the PLO Executive Committee, called for the cancellation of US aid to blackmail. Photo: Issam Rimawi / APA Images Source: dpa-infocom GmbH UNRWA supports more than five million Palestinians, including food and schools. Now the United States is withdrawing the financial help […]

The State receives the first 27 million dollars for tax remission

Quito – In the ten days of the Productive Development Law that included tax remission, the Government raised $ 27 million to 37,000 taxpayers, according to Economy Minister Richard Martinez. The official participated in the event Ecuador Destino de Inversiones, held yesterday and detailing the details of this norm. Approximately 500 people attended, including employers […]

In Brazil, it is not allowed to participate in the election of former President Lulu da Silva

The Supreme Electoral Court (VIS) in Brazil denied the former president of the country, Luís Inácio Lula da Silva, convicted of corruption, in the presidential election record, the Globo television network reported. The decision on non-admission was made by six seven judges. Lule da Silva was also banned from stirring. At the same time, there […]

BREAKING: Boeing 737 CRASHES aircraft on the Russian track after catching FIRE

A plane fell in Russia after fleeing, according to reports, leaving 18 wounded injured, including three children. DS There are at least 18 people who were injured in the accident. If he says that a plane from Utair slipped from the track, sliding towards a river and a fire. A spokeswoman for the Russian Ministry […]

Former adviser Trump, the first defendant in the Mueller probe, asks the judge to save him time in prison

George Papadopoulos, a former advocate for President Trump's campaign, argued on Friday that he should be spared prisoner for lying to the FBI about his Russian contacts during the campaign because his lies did not stop the investigation of the lawyer. In a court case, they asked District Court Judge Randolph D. Moss to place […]