Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018

CBB 2018: When is it on Channel 5? Who are the candidates?

Celebrity Big Brother returns to our screens for a 22nd series in August

Discover All you need to know about the new series of CBB

Where and when is Big Brother 2018 celebrated on TV?

No release date has yet been confirmed – but we know it will be August and probably early August, when it returns to Channel 5 . Coincidentally, just after the end of Love Island …

What's the theme?

Celebrity Big Brother has had its share of controversial roommates over the years, but the "storm eye" theme of the summer of 2018 promises to go a step further, by recruiting only stars that have been taken in their own personal "media storms". In other words, it will be turbulent

Who presents?

Emma Willis will be back at the bar, with Rylan Clark-Neal ready to return as the host of the show spin-off even more risky Bit

Is there a band -ad?

Not quite, but Channel 5 has released a short clip to show the all-new Big Brother eye, which we see in the middle of a few stormy images.

Who are the new competitors?

Channel 5 is silent about the last celebrity group at the moment, but there is a lot of speculation on the subject.

Coronation Street star Ryan Thomas, Blue Peter presenter John Leslie, Meghan's half sister Meghan and Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves are among the most anticipated in August. Find out everything we know about rumored candidates here.

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What's up this time?

Well, the eye for the Beginners – more, the decision to include only roommates who have survived their own personal media storms, that is, probably particularly volatile people, who have courted controversy in the past. [19659014] "All the names of celebrities entering the house will have been caught in their own media storm," says Channel 5. "And now, celebrities are once again before the public and this time

Also new: the new creative director, Paul Osborne, who has already worked on Big Brother. series of the show, of As the mastermind of the first series in 2000 and executive producer of Big Brother 7 (the infamous Nikki Grahame series),

Paul said, "Big Brother does part of my DNA, so going back to my roots was obvious.

"This year, all the roommates have a unique experience, they all survived their own media storms.In the eye of Big Brother, their stories will be back in the spotlight and in the national conversation This summer's Big Brother Celebrity, like the new eye, is set to be electric. "

Tamsin Dodgson, who returns to his role as editor after making his CBB debut in January, also returns to the series.

Celebrity Big Brother will be back on Channel 5 in August

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