CDU party chairmanship: And at the end Merz comes to speak of immigration

Da they sit like at a regular table, the three men, at a slightly larger corona protective distance, only with water, no back room, but very publicly, in front of cameras. On the wall is the inscription “CDU Chairmanship: The Round of Candidates”. A moderator comes in, Tanja Samrotzki. Then Friedrich Merz, Norbert Röttgen and Armin Laschet talk about politics for 90 minutes.

It’s relaxed, there is a laugh when Merz says that he has four grandchildren and that the fifth will soon be coming, so the other two can’t keep up. In response to the moderator’s breezy question as to how Röttgen would like to “wake up” Germany when it comes to technology and innovation, he charmingly steps in and says: “Of course, kissing is always a very nice way to wake up and become mobile. But that’s not enough in this area. ”It can be that easy in tough competition. Only once does it get a little more confrontational later on.


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