CD&V chairman Joachim Coens: “Consequences possible for those who refused corona vaccine after everyone has been given a chance”

It is not possible to oblige people to have a corona vaccine, says CD&V chairman Coens. “But if everyone has had the chance to be vaccinated and some have not wanted to, then I think there could be consequences,” said Coens. The chairman of the Flemish Christian Democrats is concretely thinking of possible consequences regarding employment, participation in major events or trips abroad.

Conversely: what about people who have all received a vaccine. Would they be allowed a little more in the long term than others? According to Coens, it is “very difficult to make a distinction if not everyone has had the chance to get vaccinated”. He does see possible possibilities if a significant proportion of the vulnerable has been vaccinated. “But you always have to make risk assessments”.

Coens also appears ahead to the Consultation Committee next Friday, where the corona measures will be re-evaluated. “It’s important to keep an eye on people’s motivation and mental well-being,” said the CD&V chairman. He advocates bigger social bubbles, a bubble of 10, for outdoor activities. “That has to be discussed on Friday”, it sounds. Coens did not give a date for when such a measure could take effect. “What is safe, you have to do as soon as possible.” Currently, a group of 4 is allowed to gather outside, with respect for social distancing.

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