Celine Dion sentenced for forgetting to pay commissions to her former agency

XALIMANEWS- Celine Dion has been found guilty in a dispute that has opposed her for several months to her former artistic agency in the United States. The singer will have to pay ICM Partners and her former agent Rob Prinz the commissions provided for in the contract signed between them in 2017. The latter relates in particular to a series of concerts to the tune of 500 million dollars.

The affair had been going on for several months now. The California Labor Commission (CLC) has recognized Celine Dion guilty in a dispute between the singer and her former artistic agency, ICM Partners, to United States. She will have to pay the commissions and arrears stipulated in a contract and which had never been paid to the agency, reports Deadline relayed by Capital.

The artist Quebecois signed in 2017 a $ 500 million contract with ICM Partners and agent Rob Prinz for the period 2017-2026. This one carried in particular shows in residence in Las Vegas and several tours in different regions of the world. But Celine Dion broke this contract in 2018 to engage with another agency.

“?I feel betrayed?”

According to the Commission, the contract stipulated that the agency was to touch “? 1.5% of gross compensation earned or received from all shows at the Las Vegas residence, 3% from all touring shows and 1.5% from shows in his home province of Quebec?”. The document also provided for interest at 10% per annum.

ICM therefore won the case and Céline Dion will have to pay the amounts due. Lawyer of the agency welcomed this judgment “? Robust and unequivocal?”. The singer Canadian also reacted, specifies Deadline. “?I feel betrayed, said Celine Dion. I’m not saying Mr. Prinz hasn’t done anything, but he gives himself a lot more credit for my career than he deserves.

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