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Cell phones that emit radiation during calls – News Technology – Technology

In the constant use of cell humans are exposed to radiation emitted by these devices, which, in some cases, can be harmful in the long term.

This is why entities such as the World Health Organization (WHO) have indicated that the limit of a cell phone should be two watts per kilogram.

However, and according to a study by the German Office for Radiation Protection, there are devices that almost exceed the limit.

Here we tell you which are the most ‘toxic’ and how to know how much yours emits.

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The study: The 10 most radioactive

In the list there are recently released cell phones.

At the end of 2021, a specialized office in Germany published a list with 3,807 names of cell phones and the toxicity level in Watts per Kilograms.

In fact, the analysis was performed in relation to the measure SAR (specific absorption rate), where 0.25 is ideal and around 2 watts per kilogram starts to be harmful.

In The first ten places on the list are: The Motorola Edge, OnePlus 6T, Sony Xperia A2 Plus, Pixel 3A XL de Google, Pixel 4A de Google, Xiaomi Mi Note 10 emite, Phone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, i iPhone 13 mini y Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite.

The amount for the top five ranges from 1.37 to 1.79 watts per kilogram. The Motorola Edge puts out 1.79; the OnePlus 6T gives off 1.55; the Sony Xperia A2 Plus spreads 1.41; Google’s Pixel 3A XL puts out 1.39 and Google’s Pixel 4A ends the first part with an amount of 1.37 watts per kilogram.

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The other five remaining range from 0.89 to 1.10 watts per kilogram. Xiaomi Mi Note 10 issues 1.10; the iPhone 13 Pro Max gives off 0.99; the iPhone 13 spreads 0.98; iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 mini emit 0.97 and finally the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite that emits 0.89 watts per kilogram.

If the name of your mobile device does not appear in the list, it means that it is in the appropriate emission ranges.

However, if you are interested in knowing how much radiation your device emits, you can find it on the official portal of the German Office for Radiation Protection.

What could be the radiation damage?

It is clear that if any of these devices exceed the limit they would not be accepted in the market. However, continuous exposure to them, especially when we perform calls, can affect the health of human beings.

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According to the specialized portal ‘Medline Plus’, the amount of damage it can vary depending on “the type of radiation, the amount, the exposure time, how you were exposed to the radioactive wave, and how sensitive your body is.”

In the most extreme cases, radiation can “damage tissues by changing cell structure and damaging DNA,” leading to the development of cancer cells or other diseases.

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