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Census. What to do to avoid punishment?

  • Refusal to participate will result in a fine of up to PLN 5,000. zloty. Additionally, those who provide factually incorrect answers may be imprisoned for up to two years
  • A total of 18 131 thousand people have already participated in the census. 758 people, i.e. approx. 47.4% population of Poland
  • The Central Statistical Office reminds that our data will be safe and the inventory is obligatory
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If we haven’t done our job on the Internet or on the hotline, an enumerator will call us. According to the act, you cannot refuse to provide him with your data. If you have done your job, no one from the Central Statistical Office will call you.

According to the data of the Central Statistical Office cited by PortalSamorządowy.pl, a total of 18 131 thousand people have already participated in the census. 758 people, i.e. approx. 47.4% population of Poland. About 11.5 million people wrote on the Internet, and by July 21, enumerators wrote down nearly 5.5 million people, i.e. 14.3 percent. population. In turn, in direct interviews they wrote over half a million people, i.e. 1.47 percent. the country’s population.

– We analyze each refusal and try again to contact these respondents to explain why participation in the census is important and what the obligation is. In most cases, the respondents finally complete the census. In the event that the respondent definitely refuses to fulfill the census obligation, statistical offices in voivodships prepare appropriate applications and submit a notification of an offense to the police – Małgorzata Mietkowska, chief specialist of the Central Statistical Office, explained to PortalSamorządowy.pl.

Participation in the census is obligatory, which has been reminded by media campaigns for several months, and a lottery with valuable prizes was to be an incentive to participate. However, as it turns out, it is still not enough to convince everyone. People are reluctant to share information about themselves, this is one of the main reasons for refusing to participate. Another is the belief that there is still time, after all, there are at least two more months until September 30. However, as reported by the Central Statistical Office, this belief is wrong.

“Pursuant to Art. 17a (1-3) of the Act on the National Population and Housing Census in 2021, data may not be refused to the enumerator contacting the natural persons included in the census. This means that we have time for self-enumeration until the moment when we will be contacted by an enumerator “- we read in the information service of the Central Statistical Office.

You can register on the website of the Central Statistical Office or by calling 22 279 99 99.

Source: portalsamorządowy.pl

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