Cerezo, on Griezmann: «More than angry, I am disappointed»

Enrique Cerezo, president of Atlético de Madrid, said on Wednesday that "more than angry", he is "disappointed" with the departure of Antoine Griezmann's club, which he said "had a great future" in the rojiblanco team, while He affirmed that he respects "his decision" and wished him "all the luck in the world".

"More than angry, I am disappointed, I think Antoine had a great future at Atlético, with great titles and great championships, the problem is that each person thinks differently, we respect his decision, I and all the athletes. Some will leave and others will come, "he told Fox Sports, according to the chain's official website.

Cerezo admitted that it has been "a surprise". "It's a disappointment, if I had been his advisor I would have told him to continue here, life is free and everyone does what they consider appropriate," he added.

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