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César Augusto Londoño leaves from 6 AM Hoy por Hoy from Caracol Radio – Sports

Sports journalist César Augusto Londoño, who for 36 years worked on the Caracol Radio program ‘6 AM Hoy por Hoy’, assured through his Twitter account that it was a “privilege full of learning and happiness” to be part of that space radial.

“Forgive the bad. Eternal admiration for Yamid, Darío and Gustavo, unique bosses. Soon my little story will be left behind,” he said on the social network.

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“You have just heard César Augusto Londoño for the last time in the sports of ‘6 AM Hoy por hoy’,” said Gustavo Gómez, director of the radio space.

Gómez pointed out that Londoño does not leave Caracol Radio, as he will continue on ‘El pulso del fútbol’ and other sports broadcasts. “It cannot be more than an emotional moment that combines emotion and sadness,” he added.

César Augusto explained that he leaves the space to take a break. “The time has come to say: stop a little,” commented the sports journalist who is also dean of the Faculty of Health and Sports Sciences at the Sergio Arboleda University.

One of his table mates, Jorge Eduardo Espinosa, also referred to Londoño’s departure: “I worked in the last months at 6AM with @cesaralo at @CaracolRadio. It was a pleasure. A great guy César. We will see you on the courts, without fail”.

Since July 8, ‘6 AM Hoy por Hoy’ took a new course under the direction of Gustavo Gómez, who replaced Dario Arizmendi, the renowned journalist who was in charge of the address for 30 years.

Londoño, along with Darcy Queen, was one of the journalists of the old team that continued in the new stage of the radio space that has already completed five months on the air.

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