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César: Lambert Wilson considered the attitude of Florence Foresti “shabby”

Enough is enough. Lambert Wilson, who currently embodies General de Gaulle in the cinema, decided to hit the table after the very controversial César evening, which, according to him, has exceeded the bounds of decency. He particularly deplores the way in which Roman Polanski was treated by the mistress of ceremony Florence Foresti, who used more or less doubtful qualifiers to evoke the filmmaker without mentioning it: “Roro”, “Popol” and even “Atchoum”, report to its small size… “What do we do with Roro?” she launched thus into the room. What do we do with Popol? Don’t be like him, don’t be innocent, you know who I’m talking about. What do we do with Atchoum? A humor that has not at all passed for Lambert Wilson.

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“I’m talking about people I love enormously, but daring to evoke a director in these terms,” ​​he lamented at the microphone of France Info. Talking about Atchoum, showing a size … And what’s more, what are we going to learn from the lives of these people compared to the enormity of the Polanski myth? Who are these people ? They’re tiny… ”According to him, this reign of political correctness is akin to a form of“ terrorism ”. “And, what’s more, it’s stupid!” continues the actor. We say to ourselves: “But where are we? Who are these people?” It shocked me, I thought we were lousy. There is this kind of court, of public lynching that I find absolutely abominable. “

I’m very angry, this is just nonsense.

And also to regret the attitude of actress Adèle Haenel, who decided to leave the room, with other artists, after the award of the Cesar for Best Director to Polanski. “We are not leaving in the middle of the ceremony because Polanski receives an award!” What does it mean ? This is the rule of the game! the actor was indignant. I’m very angry, it is nonsense: if we feel that there is something that does not work in the fact that Polanski has appointments, then we do not come. A remark which is also addressed to Florence Foresti, who said she was “disgusted” by the price awarded to the filmmaker and who did not return to the César scene after her announcement. According to Hanouna, the humorist pocketed 130,000 euros to present this ceremony for which Polanski was nominated 12 times…

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The comedian was also dressed by actress Juliette Binoche, who obviously did not appreciate the ceremony by evoking a moment “unbearable, boring and vulgar”. “I was appalled by stupidity, we do not speak for a single second of cinema in the Cesars. It’s a boring narcissistic-boring one-man show, but hey, it’s been like that for a while, “she said, still on France Info. “It’s a sort of flock of one-man shows that has nothing to do with cinema… I was happy not to be there. “

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