Chaksh fourth place in the competition in Berlin

Chuck achieved his best result – 81.70 meters – in the third attempt. In the other two successful attempts, the “peak” hit a little closer – at 81.33 and 81.46 meters.

The victory was celebrated by the leader of the season and the owner of the second best result of all time, Johannes Feters, who spear 87.86 meters away in the matches at the Berlin Olympic Stadium, the German being 10.50 meters behind his record this season.

Moldovan javelin thrower Andrians Mardare took the second place with 82.61 meters away, but the third with 82.31 meters was polis Marcins Krukovskis. Eight javelin throwers took part in the competition.

It has already been reported that on Tuesday, Chaksh in Ostrava celebrated the victory in the traditional competition “Golden Spike” (“Golden Nails”).

This season, Chaksh has been able to throw a spear 84.56 meters away, which is possible in the President’s Award competition.

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