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It was a hooligan, a message that did not like anything within the Barca directive because the wound will take time to heal. "Time to practice our corner kicks," he wrote, wryly after the Champions League raffle, the community manager from the official account of Borussia Dortmund while putting the European match against Barça in the background. Clear reference to his former coach Jürgen Klopp and aware of the Liverpool Origi striker, who unleashed the Barca team of the last Champions in a historic and memorable ski lift. But the boldness of Dortmund demonstrates the unlimited ambition of a team that has regained confidence and its seal thanks to the arrival of coach Lucien Favre. And it has become a team of bees – also referring to their yellow and black clothing – that buzz and sting, fly and win.

After the Klopp revolution, which led the club to the top, Dortmund spent arid times that not even technicians such as Thomas Tuchel, Peter Bosz or Peter Stoger managed to overcome. So much, that since the runner-up of the 2013 Champions League against Bayern, the team has not passed the quarterfinals in Europe. Moments that put the slogan of the club to the test –Echte Liebe (true love) – and the famous Gelbe Wand – Südtribüne Dortmund, to the yellow wall that forms his hobby to each encounter. Test more than passed because in the previous course, for example, it had an average of 80,889 spectators per duel (followed by Bayern with 75,000) when its capacity is 81,365. More than any other club in the world. "Dortmund is a football feeling," is defined by EL PaÍS forward Paco Alcácer, exazulgrana who has regained his nose and marksmanship as Dortmund has done, as he is the top scorer with 13 goals in four games – he follows Bayern again, with 12-; 3.25 per crash. Medal for Favre.

Although it does not have the pomp of Klopp or Tuchel, not even that of the effervescent Julian Naggelsman, Favre has the label of cruiserie for his offensive and touch football, but always with verticality as a flag. That is why Dortmund, after years of disappointment, did not hesitate to pay his three million clause to Nice, where Favre achieved in his first year the title of winter champion and finished third. Before, in any case, he left his mark on teams such as the Servette and especially in the last decade at Borussia Moenchengladbach, which he saved from a descent announced to Second in 2011 and then win the nickname of Borussia Barcelona for his colorful game, in addition to giving the attempt to a young Ter Stegen who now stops at the Camp Nou. "When he called me, I was surprised by his idea because he likes to have the ball and because we practice an offensive game in which laterals are needed to go up and down for that round-trip football that is played here," Achraf Hakimi explained a few days ago , Madrid player on loan to Dortmund. Precisely, Favre is credited with the role of youth coach, because he gives reel to anyone without looking at the age as he did with Dembélé and Jadon Sancho now.

With Favre and its 4-2-3-1, the backlash line established by Klopp remains more than alive, while also mixing with the idea of ​​the touch that Tuchel took. Thus, they are not only the most scorer in the Bundesliga but also the team with the highest percentage (90%; chased by Bayern with 89%) is successful in delivering the pass. A clear example was the last duel against Leverkusen, when he did not drop the rings to run after the ball and then dismantle the opponent (4-0). A lord team where Bürki saves, the lanes attack, in the middle run as Cossacks Witsel and Delaney and above dismount rivals with Jadon's races, with the break of Reus, with the arrival of Thorgan Hazard – brother of Eden, attacker of Madrid- and with the hit of Alcacer. "Borussia has made a team to win the Champions League," says Sergio Gomez, a former La Masia former player signed by Dortmund but now on loan at Huesca.

A squad, however, that this summer lost Pulisic – Chelsea paid 64 million – but in return, in a strategy traced to that of Bayern, he signed to the emerging Bundesliga players like Hazard (Gladbach), Schulz ( Hoffenheim) and Brandt (Leverkusen). In addition to the return of Hummels, the central foreman. Team that has triggered the ambitions of the president, Reinhard Rauball, who after losing the last league on the last day, released: “We have to be champions. Bayern is a eight thousand, but you can try to scale it and that is what we want and what Germany needs. ” Something that Favre did not quite agree with: “We have to be careful what we say. I've been saying it for a long time and there is still a lot to do and we can't change that. ” A rifirrafe that did not happen to adults – although it was feared that the coach resigned as he has done in almost all the teams he has been – but that makes clear the obligation of Favre. For now, it works. But there is no better cotton test than Barça.

Possible eleven: Bürki; Piszczek, Akanji, Hummels, Guerreiro; Witsel, Delaney; Sancho, Reus, Hazard; and Alcacer.

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