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Chances are a ‘Fantastic Beasts 4’ is getting smaller and smaller …


Harry Potter may be one of the most well-known and favorite franchises in the world, but Fantastic Beasts is less successful unfortunately. It even seems that after three films, this story may well end.

the third part Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secret, had its fair share of setbacks. Not only was the blockbuster postponed several times due to the pandemic, there were also a number of other issues.

Long list
Here’s how Harry Potter had brains JK Rowling endured the necessary criticism due to (again) controversial statements, Johnny Depp was unfairly replaced in the eyes of the necessary fans and it comes Ezra Miller is also often negative in the news† But this is not all.

The box office of the third movie box also disappointed. Online Game The Secrets of Dumbledore In fact, it is the worst received film in all of the Harry Potter franchise. The film only grossed $ 42 million in its first weekend in America, and only $ 57 million worldwide. In the second weekend, the numbers also dropped sharply, by as much as 67%. So much less money than expected.

Bad news
This could well beat death for the franchise. Warner Bros. originally wanted to make five films, but recently announced that there would be only a fourth party if the third party turned out to be a hit, but this is certainly not the case.

What also doesn’t help is that director David Yates signed on to another film called Online Game Pain Hustlersmet oa Emily Blunt† However, Yates has since loved the Harry Potter movie Order the Phoenix he made the whole movie ‘The Wizarding World’, so the fact that he’s going to do something different right now isn’t a good sign either …

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