Change at the Kladno municipality: Mayor Dan Jiránek was replaced by Milan Volf

For a handful of spectators sitting in the hall of the conference hall of biomedical engineering at the Czech Technical University, it was a bolt from the blue. Originally, the deputies were to vote only on “necessary” things concerning, for example, the property of the city and the like, in addition to which it may still hear criticism from the opposition.

But. The events at the meeting took an unexpected turn for the observers present. Přemysl Mužík from the opposition Election for Kladno demanded at the beginning of the meeting a point on the dismissal of Mayor Dan Jiránek (ODS). When the proposal passed, the coalition formed by the ODS, the Kladeňáci group, the ANO 2011 movement and the SPD began to suspect problems. These proved to be justified. In the following vote, Milan Volf was elected mayor, with the help of the votes of Petra Melčová and Jiří Chvojka (both elected for YES 2011). The editorial staff tried to contact the two deputies by telephone after the end of the meeting, but in vain.

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“It’s not a revolution. It is just a restoration to the original state and to the right measure and as chosen by the citizens of Kladno, “said Milan Volf shortly after his election. “I will not announce the date of the next meeting of the council now, but it will be very fast,” said Milan Volf in conclusion, adding: “If something needs to be cleared, none of us will come tomorrow. You’ll have it all morning. “

It was in the October municipal elections held in 2018 that Milan Volf’s Election for Kladno won the most votes from Kladeňák (34.23 percent of the votes), but ended up in opposition. The Kladno ODS finished second with a gain of 20.82 percent of the vote. However, it was the ODS that managed to form a slightly unexpected majority coalition with the Kladeňáci group, the ANO 2011 movement and the SPD. In total, the coalition had 18 seats from a 33-member council. Milan Volf’s election for Kladno ended with 15 seats in opposition, as did the KSČM with 2 seats. The newly elected mayor then told the editorial evening that he would call tomorrow – Tuesday.

“It wasn’t a shock for me, fortunately I’m too old to wave it to me (laughs). It is humanly unpleasant for me, the Communists, the Election for Kladno and two defectors from YES are returning to the town hall. It’s annoying, especially when those people lie in your eyes until the last minute. On the other hand, that’s life, “responded the dismissed mayor Dan Jiránek.

In addition to Mayor Dan Jiránek, the deputies also dismissed his deputies, namely Tomáš Kutil (Kladeňáci), Václav Šubrt (ANO 2011), Oldřich Černý (SPD). The deputies newly elected Jiří Chvojka as their deputy (ANO 2011), who was also a councilor on the coalition dismissed on Monday and will now also hold the position of statutory deputy. Other deputies are Petra Melčová (ANO 2011), until then she was only a representative, and Přemysl Mužík (Election for Kladno) – an opposition representative.

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