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Juan Martínez Flores, deputy of Morena, presented an initiative in which he proposes change the official name of the country from “United Mexican States” to “Mexico”, which in turn would imply modifying the full name of the Constitution.

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The change would not be for superficial reasons or to simplify things, since according to the legislator, the change is due to a concordance with the political regime of our country.

“In essence, since our country is a republic under a federal, representative and sovereign pact, Mexico is precisely the name that gives meaning and essence to our nation; the name of Mexico contains the idea of ​​autonomous and independent states in its interior and that represent a federal pact towards the exterior ”, explains Martínez Flores.

The reason for the name change It is due, according to the morenista, to the fact that Mexico is a federal republic.

“Therefore, the United States is not equivalent to a federal republic, and that is why some Latin American countries, such as Brazil and Venezuela, called themselves the United States when they recently became independent, but they have already changed their names to look like the we name today ”.

The deputy also pointed out that it would not be the first time that our country has changed its name.

“Since its birth as a homeland, the term Mexico has been used, a word that comes from the Nahuatl language and is divided into two parts: ‘Metztli’, which means moon, and ‘xiclti’, which means navel, therefore ‘Mexico ‘means’ in the navel of the moon’ “.

In case of the change, the new name would agree with the denomination by which our nation is known. “We are known as Mexicans and we identify ourselves culturally and historically as such and our nation simply as Mexico”, said Martínez Flores.

The initiative also contemplates changing the name of the Magna Carta, from Political Constitution of the United Mexican States a Political Constitution of Mexico.

In the portal Atomic Pens They explain that said reforms would imply reforms to article 1. in its first and second paragraphs, article 10, article 12, article 27 in its section XV, article 28 in its first paragraph, article 29 in its first paragraph, article 41 in its section VI, article 44, article 50, article 70, article 80, article 81, article 87, article 89 in its section VIII, article 97 in its VI paragraph, article 99 in its section II, article 116 in its section VI in article 122 section B of the second, third and fourth paragraphs .

The various names of Mexico

Throughout its history and depending on its political regime, the current Mexican Republic has had different names.

  • Colonial times: Kingdom of New Spain (1535)
  • Mexican America (Sentiments of the Nation, Congress of Chilpancingo in 1813)
  • Mexican Empire (1821-1823)
  • Mexican Nation (Constitution of 1823)
  • Mexican Republic (Constitution of 1857)
  • Mexican Empire (1863-1867)
  • United Mexican States (Constitution of 1917 to date)


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