Changing habits: china fever clean up to beat swine fever


BEIJING (Reuters) – A devastating outbreak of African swine fever has been filtered by international standards.

PHOTO FILE: Local men and women, in Jinhua, Zhejiang province, China August 22, 2018. REUTERS / Stringer

Farmers try to get off the virus.

Farm owner, by the owner of the farm. T

In feed supplies to try to prevent contamination.

“We don´t let other trucks come in. It 's safer to have your own truck, ”. T

The change in mindset Comes from the disease – Which is not harmful to People BUT member kills almost it infects pigs – DG reached Every province of the country. Habits, no vaccine.

400 million head and a year ago. T

Standards of cleanliness on farms, many variants t

African swine fever, which has been properly cleaned.

Step-ups in biosecurity measures. People are now that something that needs to be done, ”said Matthias Arnold, an executive of German chemicals firm, which sells its popular disinfectant.


Pan Yunping, general sales manager to Jiangsu Kangbat Biotechnology Engineering Co. Ltd in eastern China and Jiangsu province.

Demand for Belgian CID Lines' Cid Lines, which contains aldehyde, has more than doubled from China.

Are not too much, said Niu. Farms need to be cleaned before disinfecting.

Stocks t

Said Jonathan Wilson, China manager to Alltech Inc, a supplier of additives to feed makers.

In 2013, this is the great improvement, ”he added,” he added, “he added,” he added.

Large farms are available for more information about the disinfected vehicles.

Produced by Germany and Envisal, while U.S. company Decon Seven Systems, is registering its hydrogen peroxide-based D7 product for the Chinese market.


. T

The government provides disinfectants for small farms

Analysts at Huatai t7% yuan to 1 yuan per cent kilogram, up to 220 yuan ($ 32) extra per pig, need for new biosecurity systems.

Edgar Wayne Johnson, veterinarian at Enable Agricultural Technology Consulting, a farm services company.

Because of their volatility.

“Some people, Johnson”. “Some one will take more than one punishment.”

FILE PHOTO: Workers in protective secretions, in Fangshan district of Beijing, China November 23, 2018. REUTERS / Stringer / File Photo

Still, Lanxess says Arnold, habits are changing.

“If you are saving on multiple times. This awareness and the market.

(Graphic: Swine fever in China – t

Reporting by Dominique Patton. Additional reporting by Beijing Newsroom; editing by Richard Pullin

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