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Chargers donate $ 250,000 to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank – NBC Los Angeles

by drbyos

Los Angeles Regional Food Bank announced a $ 250,000 gift from Los Angeles chargers on Monday evening to ensure that hunger care services continue uninterruptedly for Los Angeles County children, the elderly, individuals and families during the coronavirus crisis.

The Food Bank is experiencing unexpected distribution and operating costs due to the growing demand in the community resulting from the pandemic, according to President and CEO Michael Flood.

“During this unprecedented period, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank is committed to helping those in need of food assistance,” according to a statement released Monday evening. “The recent actions taken at federal, state and local levels are necessary to combat the spread of coronavirus and will also challenge local families and individuals. The Food Bank is hiring temporary workers, using Mobile Food Pantries and ensuring the compliance with strict health protocols to continue guaranteeing safe service to vulnerable populations. “

“Los Angeles chargers have been an incredible supporter of the Food Bank over the years, and this is yet another example of their extraordinary commitment to their community,” said Flood. “ We are humbled by this extraordinary gift , which will go a long way in helping those who are suffering right now. “

He said the gift will allow the Food Bank to help children and their families as young people stay home from school, as well as self-isolating seniors and hourly workers who experience interruptions in their schedules and pay slips.

“At times like this, it is up to us as a community to get together and provide help where it is most needed,” said AG Spanos, president of shipper commercial operations. “We are honored to help the Food Bank provide certainty and relief to those affected by the coronavirus crisis in what has become an increasingly uncertain time.”


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