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Charles Bronson: Lag’s wife, Paula Williamson, says marriage almost drove her to suicide

The wife of the infamous prisoner Charles Bronson claimed that her husband was controlling her from her cell and that this had led her to consider suicide.

"I was so low that I even thought about taking my own life"

Paula Williamson

Paula Williamson, 37, said through her tears that her strange relationship with Bronson had taken its toll a few days after explosive shots of a young man burying his head in his breasts became viral.

Bronson promised to divorce the Coronation Street actress after seeing the snapshots of the wild night in Tenerife.

The Stoke girl said that Britain's most violent criminal was controlling her by making her feel that she was embarrassed.

  Paula says Bronson controls her behind bars PA / FACEBOOK

CHECKS: Paula says Bronson controls her behind bars

She told The Mirror Online: "This relationship has led me to the brink and I've been so low that I even thought of taking my own life.

"No relationship should make you feel that way. "

" It's time for people to know the truth about what happened between us. behind bars, he made fun of my weight and told me that I was embarrassed.

Paula and Bronson, posing as Charles Salvador, made the connection last November to HMP Wakefield where he was detained

They grilled them before Bronson was returned to his cell, Bronson was transferred to HMP Frankland at Co Durham a few weeks after the wedding after an argument with HMP Governor Wakefield about wedding photos [

But now Bronson's lawyers have told Paula to prepare for divorce after the 26-year-old viral photo of Connor Boyes.

Paula later said, "I can never say that I regretted marrying this love." I defended this man up to the hilt. I told people that he had changed – that he was not the devilish person that everyone thinks to be.He paid me off by breaking my heart. "[19659029] Related Articles

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