Chasing the police during the Capitol Building Riot, this man was successfully arrested

WASHINGTON DC, – A man on United States of America ( AS) was arrested Police with charges of raiding Capitol Building on Wednesday (6/1/2021).

Reporting from New York Post, the man from Des Moines, Iowa, USA, named Douglas Jensen (41) was arrested by the police on Saturday (9/1/2021).

In addition, Jensen is also a man who chases a black policeman inside the Capitol Building.

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Jensen appeared to be wearing a T-shirt QAnon black and black headgear as he chased the officer up the stairs.

Meanwhile, other security officers did their utmost to block the mass invasion of the Capitol Building.

Jensen’s face also appeared in one of the wanted list photos released by the FBI on Thursday (7/1/2021).

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In a video posted on TikTok, an account called @dougjensen, most likely Doug Jensen, suggested that he be made a “poster boy” for what happened and ended by saying, “don’t believe the news.”

However, the video uploaded on TikTok has now been deleted as reported by Associated Press.

He was charged with five counts according to news releases from the FBI Field Office in Omaha, Nebraska and the County Sheriff’s Office of Polk.

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According to Des Moines Register, Jensen pretty much uploaded photos showing him taking part in the raid on the Capitol Building.

He also posted a photo of the reply to other accounts linked to the theoretic community conspiracy QAnon on social media.

In the reply, Jensen asked if they liked the QAnon clothes he wore in the raid on the Capitol Building.

Jensen is one of the many supporters of the US President Donald Trump who participated in the raid on the Capitol Building arrested in the last two days.

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