Cheap station wagons are the work of Lada, Škoda and Hyundai cars

The cheapest station wagon on the Czech market is the Russian Lada Granta SW, but it is definitely not the only affordable option. Financially interesting practices include one popular Škoda or an attractive Hyundai in Nošovice – both models manufactured in the territory of our state. That doesn’t end our list, but we’ll start with the order.

Lada Granta SW

Russian Lada flows to us through several channels, while its individual approval for operation takes place in the Czech Republic, which has a slightly negative effect on the price. However, it is a car unprecedented in our region and equipped with an 87-horsepower four-cylinder eight-valve 16-cylinder without direct fuel injection and other cingrlates. However, the equipment will not dazzle Grant SW, in addition to the mandatory systems, you will also get central locking, hagus, electrically operated windows at the front and 14-inch tin cans for 312,000.

Photo: Lada

The Lada Granta is an unprecedented car in our country and, in addition, it has a simple 16-year-old under the hood

Fiat Tipo Kombi

The Fiat Tipo has undergone a model transformation and got a fresh, far more attractive design. For a price only slightly exceeding 370 thousand crowns, you will get a 100-horsepower three-cylinder and a mechanically operated five-cylinder. In terms of interesting equipment, we name the USB radio, air conditioning, the basic package of safety assistants and electrically operated exterior mirrors.

Photo: Fiat

Fiat Tipo shows itself in a smirk jacket and at a decent price

Hyundai i30 station wagon

The Hyundai i30 has been relatively rejuvenated, but it still holds the status of an affordable car. The station wagon starts at less than 355 thousand and includes a petrol engine with a capacity of 1.5 liters (110 hp), coupled with a six-speed manual.

Photo: Jakub Deml

Hyundai i30 estate is one of the most interesting practices

The equipment in the car includes, for example, manual air conditioning, lane keeping assistant, cruise control, anatomical seats, central locking with remote control, electrically operated front windows and rear-view mirrors, radio with MP3 or automatic headlight switching.

Kia Ceed SW

Liter engine with turbo, 100 horsepower, six-speed manual and equipment such as manual air conditioning, electrically operated windows, radio with MP3, multifunction steering wheel, cruise control, armrest, rear parking sensors or automatic light switching. You get all this for less than 400,000 in the basic Ceed SW model. The higher price compared to the technically related rival Hyundai i30 is compensated by the stationary Kia with a seven-year warranty.

Photo: Jakub Deml

Kia Ceed SW attracts with a modern concept and a seven-year warranty

Peugeot 308 SW

The long-running specification of the Peugeot 308 SW, which will cost 410,000 crowns in the event, also entered our rankings. The car basically has a supercharged twelve-engine, 110 horsepower and a six-speed manual.

Photo: Peugeot

The Peugeot 308 SW is slowly reaching the end of its service life, but will still offer a station wagon body. The new 308 is currently sold only as a hatchback

At the base, expect, for example, LED rear lamps, laminated acoustic windscreen, hilarious i-Cockpit, automatic dual-zone air conditioning, remote central locking, rear parking assist, power windows and mirrors, driver’s seat with lumbar support, radio with MP3, 16-inch steel wheels or cruise control.

Škoda Fabia Combi Tour

Who wouldn’t know Fabia? After all, she has been here with us for three generations (the fourth is fast approaching) and has always been offered in the station wagon variant as well. This is not the case with the surviving Tour version for almost 330 thousand crowns, which will offer manual air conditioning, roof racks, instrument panel with large on-board computer, central locking with remote control, electrically operated front windows and rear-view mirrors a screen or an ice scraper located in the tank lid. And the propulsion system? Liter three-cylinder with a turbo with an output of 95 horsepower, paired with a manual five-cylinder.

Photo: Michal Jirák

The Škoda Fabia Combi is one of the most popular practices in our country

The number of cheap station wagons is declining in our country, people today prefer to reach for small or medium-sized SUVs. At the same time, practical and affordable cars with a backpack are absolutely indispensable for many users. We must hope that manufacturers will not betray these types of bodies in the future, even though today’s world is more concerned with crossovers and electromobility.


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