Check out the 3 Keys to Success as TNI AD from the Covid Cluster Becomes Zero Cases – Last year, the Army Officer Candidate School (Secapa AD) became a Covid-19 cluster. But now, the school, which is filled with more than 1,300 TNI AD soldiers, has zero cases.

So what is the key to its success? It turns out, all because of various programs and efforts, including the evaluation carried out by these educational institutions.

According to the Commander of Secapa AD, Major General TNI Ferry Zein, his school was hit by Covid-19 in Secapaad FY 2020. There were 1,268 people in the Secapaad neighborhood who were exposed to Covid.

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Even though they have implemented strict health protocols, they cannot control the virus that attacks in various countries, including Indonesia.

“Of that number, 983 are officer candidates and 285 are organic or internal Secapaad,” said TNI Major General Ferry when sharing his experiences with participants of the second batch of online Education Journalism Fellowship Program, Monday (5/7/2021).

This activity was held by the Movement for Education Concerned Journalists (GWPP) in collaboration with PT Paragon Technology and Innovation.

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Major General Ferry explained that the cause of the school being a Covid cluster was because education and health facilities in Secapaad were still very limited.

Therefore, the number of students is not proportional to the condition of the existing facilities so that it does not support the implementation of health protocols perfectly.

In addition, the physical condition of students is also not all in a fit condition. Meanwhile, the environment around Secapaad is a community environment that has the potential to become a transmission route for Covid-19.

“All of our full students are here. Even at that time our environment was in the orange area. So, the spread of Covid could be unexpected,” he said.

However, they did not just give up. Various efforts have been made to suppress the spread of Covid in the Secapa AD environment.

Zero case success key

With good planning, Dansecapaad reveals the key to success in dealing with these problems:

1. Prior to the implementation of educational operations

a. Preparation of educational facilities:

  • Implementing disinfectant spraying on educational facilities that will be used by Serdik.
  • Prepare barracks, classrooms, dining rooms, and other places that will be used by Serdik by arranging according to health protocols.
  • Setting up a hand washing area around the facilities used by Serdik.
  • Setting up health facilities.
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b. Preparation of Military Teachers (Gumil) or Educators (Gadik)

  • Organizing upgrades for Gadik and Gapendik.
  • Carry out a competency test for Gadik and Gapendik who will teach.
  • Carry out the equalization of perception of subject matter in order to provide understanding and deepening of the material to be taught.

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c. Setting up the software

In the form of Fixed Procedures (protap) which regulates the implementation of activities:

  • The teaching and learning process in the classroom (face-to-face PBM)
  • The process of learning to teach in the field
  • Guidance and care activities.

2. During the implementation of educational operations

a. Learners (Serdik)

  • Carry out a health check (rapid test) when Serdik enters Lemdik Secapaad.
  • Carry out checking Serdik’s body temperature in the morning before the activity and at night after the evening apple.
  • Carry out self-isolation for Serdik who is exposed to Covid-19 without symptoms by being placed in isolation barracks and taking virtual lessons. Meanwhile, Serdik with symptoms was evacuated to RS.Dustira/RSDC Secapaad according to the procedure.

b. Educator (Gadik)

  • During face-to-face lessons, Girls/Gumil are required to wear masks, face shields, bring hand sanitizer and wash hands before and after teaching.
  • During the break time for face-to-face PBM activities, girls are required to sunbathe and breathe fresh air outside the classroom.
  • Always emphasize to Serdik about the implementation of health protocols and supervise their implementation during teaching and learning activities.

c. Teaching and learning process activities (PBM)

  • During the first 14 days, the teaching -learning process is carried out virtually.
  • During the virtual learning process, Serdik’s meals were held in the barracks to reduce mobility and interaction between Serdiks.
  • The implementation of face-to-face PBM is guided by the Protap on PBM both in the classroom and in the field.
  • Ordered Serdik to sunbathe and was obliged to drink water during breaks.
  • Each time he evaluates the place in an open field (Wiradhika Field) so that it is exposed to sunlight with a distance between Serdiks of 2 meters.
  • Provide opportunities for Serdik every 2 hours to get out of class so that he can breathe fresh air outside the room.
  • Implement health protocols during PBM implementation.
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d. Guidance and care activities (Bimsuh)

e. Educational facilities

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3. After the implementation of educational operations

The effort made in this process is to conduct an evaluation every 2 weeks on all activities.

If in the evaluation it is found that one or several programs cause transmission, changes will be made to the implementation of the program.

At the beginning of the 2021 FY education, starting in January 2021, the number of Serdik exposed to Covid-19 was 20 people. In February 2021 there was a fairly high increase in cases to 48 Serdiks exposed to Covid-19.

The high rate of transmission requires an evaluation of all educational activities. For example, in the evaluation, it was found that swimming and running activities had an impact on high transmission rates.

So that in the implementation of the next program various changes were made, such as:

  • Reduce the number of serdiks in one group
  • Forbid serdik running while singing
  • Forbid spitting anywhere

From the changes in some of these programs, there was a significant decrease in cases so that in March 2021 there were 12 people who were still exposed to Covid-19. Until April to July 2021, there will be zero Covid cases.

“Actually, the key is discipline in everything. So they try to be disciplined not to get sick. If they are sick, then they are not disciplined,” said Major General Ferry.

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Talking about face-to-face learning (limited PTM) for public schools, Major General Ferry Zein provided input so that currently there is no limited PTM in public schools.

“Military schools and public schools are different. Because in military schools a high discipline culture has been formed,” he said.

“Looking at the current conditions, I suggest not holding limited PTM in school first. Because the situation is very difficult,” said Major General Ferry.

However, if Covid-19 cases begin to decline, only limited face-to-face learning can be held at schools. Because, according to this two-star general, ideally education should be carried out face-to-face. Not virtually.

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Tips PTM is limited in public schools

If later the situation of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia begins to decline, Major General Ferry provides tips for general education units (schools/madrasah), regarding things that must be prepared.

1. Training

The first thing is that teachers or educators in schools must be given training on how to strictly implement health protocols.

Of course, the hope is that all school residents are safe and protected from the spread of Covid-19. “So, teachers or educators in schools are trained first regarding the implementation of Limited PTM,” said Ferry.

2. Discipline

All must be disciplined in implementing health protocols. Not only students, teachers, employees, but all school residents involved in the school environment.

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3. Supervision

There needs to be supervision from the local government. It can even involve members of the TNI and Polri so that the implementation of limited PTM in schools really goes well.

“Everyone knows that the level of personal awareness of the Indonesian people is still low. So there is a need for supervision and can involve the Regional Government, the TNI and the Police,” explained TNI Major General Ferry Zein.

The public school principal agrees

When asked for a response regarding the limited PTM tips, the Deputy Head of Public Relations of SMAN 3 Yogyakarta Didik Purwaka said that in principle he agreed with this method.

“This is very good. It means that the most important steps are actually changing the mindset of all of us, that we must change in the conditions ahead,” he told

“So, safety is a priority. Safety starts with ourselves. After all, the school has prepared extraordinary infrastructure and progress,” added Didik.

The principal of SMPN 1 Yogyakarta, Y Niken Sasanti, said the same thing. He also agreed with the Army Commander Secapa.

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“I agree with him. Indeed, in schools, training and supervision are needed. At our school, training on the implementation of health care programs by means of a Limited PTM simulation some time ago,” explained Niken.


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