CHECK THE FACTS: It is not true that all Covid-19 Vaccine Test Animals die, this is the explanation – Circulating on social media Facebook A screenshot of the research article states that all of the animals given the Covid-19 vaccine trial proved to have died from immune disorders, sepsis and heart failure.

A screenshot of the article also includes evidence in the form of a research result link that proves the truth of this. Here’s the narrative:

What happened to the animals in the study? This technology has been tested in animals, and in animal studies, all of the animals die, not directly from the injection, but months later, due to other immune disorders, sepsis and / or heart failure. No long-term successful animal studies have used this technology. No experimental coronavirus vaccine has been successful in animal studies. In this study, the corona virus vaccine caused inflammation of the liver in test animals.”



The search results regarding the claim that all Covid-19 vaccine experimental animals died, a month after being injected with the vaccine, is a mistake.

Reporting from the Full Fact article, in the article that mentions animal deaths due to the Covid-19 vaccine, it makes a number of false claims. The study on which this particular claim is based is on severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and was published in 2012.

The study did not focus on the Covid-19 vaccine, or even use the same technology that supports the vaccines currently being used against Covid-19. And even in this study, the animals were euthanized, they didn’t die.

The lead author of the 2012 study had previously confirmed to Reuters that the animals used in the study, the mice, did not die from the vaccine given to them. He also highlighted the fact that the vaccine they tested in the 2012 study did not use mRNA technology like some Covid-19 vaccines, such as the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine, and is actually a “very different vaccine platform”.

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A screenshot of the article also claims “the coronavirus vaccine causes inflammation of the liver in test animals”. This statement relates to a 2004 study that, in response to the 2003 SAR outbreak, tested a vaccine on ferrets and found that it was linked to an increase in hepatitis in animals.

Meanwhile, the head of policy and media at the UK’s non-profit Understanding Animal Research (UAR), Chris Magee, told Full Fact that in the case of the Covid-19 vaccine, there is already a D which allows researchers to run animal trials. alongside the early stages of human experimentation.

Should the animals die during this process, he said, human trials would be stopped immediately. The fact that they did not die indicates that the animals did not suddenly die.

He also said the animals used in drug trials are usually euthanized, so scientists can examine their internal organs for signs of pathology.


All the animals used in the Covid-19 vaccine trials died were wrong. In fact, data shows the Covid-19 vaccine is safe.

Don’t be easy to believe and check every information you get. Make sure it comes from a trusted source so that the truth can be justified.

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