Check the result of the National Lottery on Saturday, September 14, 2019


The number 75213 has been the first prize of the National Lottery draw today Saturday, September 14, 2019. The prize is 60,012 euros to the tenth, and 600,120 euros to the series.

The second prize, which has reached 120,000 euros to the series or what is the same 12,000 to the tenth, has fallen to the number 84281. Lastly, the drawbacks or terminations of this Saturday's draw correspond to the numbers 3, 6, 7 that have been awarded the amount they played, 6. If you have been awarded a prize, you can collect it for the next three months from the day following the date of the draw. You can enter the official tester to check if your tenth has been awarded.

In you can check the result of the National Lottery of previous draws.

The National Lottery, which landed in Spain through Carlos III, and which, after several name changes, definitely remained the National Lottery after the death of Fernando VII. This draw depends on State Lotteries and Betting, which in turn depends on the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

To participate in the National Lottery, you need to choose, manually or automatically, a 5-digit number. The price of each ticket is 3 euros on Thursdays, 6 euros on Saturdays, 12 euros on special Saturdays and 15 or 20 euros on extraordinary draws. The amount that the National Lottery allocates to prizes is 70% of the proceeds.

The National Lottery draws are held every Thursday and Saturday. In addition, there are also several extraordinary raffles that are carried out in an extraordinary way, such as the Extraordinary Christmas Sweepstakes and the Extraordinary Sweepstakes of the Child, held on December 22 and January 6 respectively.

Check the results of all lotteries on to see if you have won any prize from the following draws: ONCE, Bonoloto, Primitiva, Euromillions and National Lottery.

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