Check the winning number of the Extra Sweepstakes of the Mother's Day 2019 of the ONCE


Once celebrated, discover the results of the draw
Extra Mother's Day of the ONCE and check if you have won the grand prize of 17 million euros or one of the many more prizes that this draw gives out.

[Check the winning number here]

With a cost of 5 euros, in addition to a prize of € 17,000,000 for the five figures and series, the raffle distributes 99 prizes of € 40,000 to the five figures, 900 prizes of € 1,500 to the last four figures, 9,000 prizes of € 100 to the last three figures, 90,000 prizes of € 10 to the last two figures and € 900,000 to € 5 to the last figure.

How much does Hacienda take?
Since January 1, the minimum exempt lottery prize is € 20,000. So for the Extra Day of the Mother of the ONCE lottery of 2019, all prizes lower than € 20,000 will be exempt from taxes. For prizes of more than € 20,000, an amount of 20% will be applied to the amount that exceeds this amount.


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