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Popularly known as Homeowner Bonus, he Protection Bonus (its original name) is intended for female heads of household. This is a monthly contribution that is given to the families that are part of the Chile Seguridades y Oportunidades (SSyOO) program.

It should be noted that the Homeowner Bonus no application required, and delivered for a period of two years (24 months). This is given automatically, to people who participate in the Chile SSyOO, as an incentive to stay in the program.

What are the requirements to access the Protection Bonus?

The only requirement is have accepted the invitation to participate in one of the SSyOO programs, through the signature of the Letter of engagement and from Intervention Plan.

Once signed, the management and subsequent payment of the Protection Bonus begins, which begins at a date close to the first psychosocial support sessions (APS).

How do I check if I have the Voucher?

On the site of IPS online You can access information regarding all the bonuses and benefits that the State has, including the Protection Bonus. To do this, you just have to enter with your Rut and verify if you appear as a beneficiary.

How is the payment of the Home Owner Bonus made?

Your payment is made by deposit in the Rut account of the State Bank and in case the beneficiary does not have it, The Ministry of Social Development will request the financial institution to open an account, which will have no cost and must be activated once you receive the first payment.

What are the values ​​of the Home Owner Bonus

The monthly amount to be paid per household or user, is differentiated in time, depending on the period of execution of the psychosocial support (PHC), according to the following sections:

  • The first 6 months the bonus amounts to $17.970.
  • From month 7 to month 12, the bonus is $13.676.
  • From month 13 to month 18 the bonus is $9.402.
  • From month 19 to 24 the bonus is $13.155 (value corresponds to SUF amount).

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