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Checo Pérez is sanctioned for the second time at the Monaco GP

According to the FIA ​​statement, Sergio Pérez prevented George Rusell, a Mercedes driver, from turning 18 on the main street circuit.

FIA Mexican fine Sergio ‘Checo’ Perezthe pilot Red Bull, and 200 thousand pesos due to an illegal blockade during practice this Saturday three of the Monaco Grand Prixwith which he added his second fine over the weekend.

According to the FIA, Pérez prevent that George Rusellthe pilot Mercedeswill overtake 18 laps of the main street race, so the incident was investigated due to a report from the race director.

“A formal warning to the pilot and a fine of 10 thousand euros imposed on the competitor”, was the final resolution by the FIA.

“The video and radio information were examined and it was concluded that the information provided by the driver of the 11th vehicle (Czech) was totally focused on doing a fast lap and does not include information on the approach of the cars. He concluded that the driver of car 11 unnecessarily prevented car 63 from moving forward; however, in view of the particular circumstances, a formal warning was imposed on the pilot, “they added.

This is the second fine Czech Perez received a fine the following weekend in the second practice on Friday he received a financial penalty for violating the speed limit of Monaco circuitfor this you will have to pay around 6,500 pesos.

La FIA After the second test, he released his 13th statement over the weekend and in which he read that the Mexican went into the pits at 63 mph. For safety reasons, there is a speed limit in the pit. On most circuits it is 80 km / h, but in narrow hole lines Monaco You can’t go faster than 60 km / h.

This is how the Mexican pilot of the Australian team became a target of the FIA due to the misfortunes at the time of the free tests at Monaco GP.

Right now, Czech Perez will start in third place Monaco Grand Prix after qualifying where the Mexican crashed in the last qualifying when he was looking for pole position against Charles Leclerc.

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