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Cheer Up Your Little One’s Long Holiday with the Presence of Greenfields Kids Yogurt Pouch and Kids Yogurt Drink – Healthy lifestyle in society is mushrooming.

In fact, in the midst of a pandemic, people’s healthy lifestyles are increasingly being implemented.

There are many new hobbies that people do to keep them healthy.

Not only in terms of sports, consumption of healthy food and drinks is also increasing.

Not only adults, children also deserve adequate nutritional intake.

For children, good nutrition is very important for their growth.

Children need to eat foods that meet their daily nutritional needs.

However, sometimes children refuse to eat fruits and vegetables, they tend to choose sweet foods they like such as biscuits and candy.

For moms at home, one good choice for children’s health is yogurt.

Yogurt contains various benefits for children’s health such as:

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Probiotics are good bacteria for gut health that can help improve digestion and remove bad bacteria from the child’s body.

Calcium: Because it is made from milk, yogurt contains calcium which is good for children’s bones and teeth.

Dietary fiber: Yogurt contains dietary fiber which has benefits for the body, including:
Normalizes bowel movements, supports intestinal health, lowers cholesterol, helps your little one reach the ideal body weight.

Seeing the various benefits that yogurt has for children, Greenfields, an expert on dairy products and dairy products, comes up with products that can be a solution for children who find it difficult to eat healthy foods.

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Greenfields introduced its newest products, namely Greenfields Kids Yogurt Pouch and Kids Yogurt Drink, with special packaging for children – little packaging for the little ones.

Greenfields Kids Yogurt Pouch and Kids Yogurt Drink also come in packages suitable for children, 80gr for Kids Yogurt Pouch and 150ml for Kids Yogurt Drink.

“Most children stop consuming milk at the age of two years, and the percentage of adequate calcium in children decreases dramatically after the age of two years.

Vitamin D and potassium intake are also low in children aged 2-11 years, and both of these ingredients are available in quality yogurt.

Yogurt also contains protein and calcium which are important for bone health, especially the bones of children who grow quickly.

Currently, maybe many parents are worried about the sugar content in dairy products such as yogurt. However, according to the Nutrition Journal 2017 by Azais-Braesco V et al., Yogurt contains only 1-8% natural sugars and 4-9% added sugars, making it safe for children to consume.

The best thing about yogurt is that by consuming yogurt, children can enjoy a delicious snack and not cross their daily calorie limit. Apart from that, yogurt also contains a myriad of unmatched nutrients that support children’s growth.

And, yogurt is also a versatile and fun dish! Moms can be creative and make yogurt a child’s favorite snack !, “concluded Emilia Achmadi, MS., RDN, a nutritionist.

Apart from being smaller in size, the packaging for Greenfields Kids Yogurt Pouch and Kids Yogurt Drink has also been designed to appeal to children, with bright colors and featuring cute characters that are loved by children.

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Greenfields Kids Yogurt also uses a squeeze pouch with a shape that makes it easy for children to hold without having to worry about spilling the contents.

“Studies conducted by Ike-Elechi Ogba and Rebecca Johnson show that attractive packaging can influence children’s desire to buy a product. Because children tend to process information visually, they will be more attracted to products that are brightly colored and feature characters they like.

There is also research showing that children have a tendency to choose unhealthy snacks that have attractive packaging for children.

With the Greenfields Kids Yogurt Pouch and Kids Yogurt Drink, nutritious snacks are now available in packaging with a design that is easy to hold by children, cute characters and bright colors, which make it very attractive to children.

The portions of Greenfields Kids Yogurt Pouch and Kids Yogurt Drink that have been adapted for children can also be used by parents to teach children to get used to eating food.

Research entitled “Journal of Cleaner Production” shows that many parents feel that food is often wasted because children are not used up, and products with smaller packaging are easier for children to consume.

Greenfields Kids Yogurt Pouch and Kids Yogurt Drink are available in packages suitable for children’s snack portions and still contain good nutrition for children, “said Jovita Ferliana, M.Psi, psychologist.

“As a dairy and dairy product expert, Greenfields wants to provide products for the whole family. If previously Greenfields Small UHT Milk was available for children, now comes the Greenfields Kids Yogurt Pouch and Kids Yogurt Drink which expand the range of Greenfields products for children. With these two new products, parents can provide snacks in the form of delicious and nutritious yogurt for their active children, “concluded Syahbantha Sembiring, Indonesia Country Head Marketing & Sales PT. Greenfields Dairy Indonesia.

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