Chelsea Manning returns to prison for contempt by refusing to testify on Wikileaks before a grand jury


The exanalista of the American secret services Chelsea Manning will have to return to prison by desacato after returning to refuse to testify on Wikileaks before a great jury, according to has informed his legal equipment.

Manning had been summoned after her release on May 10 after spending two months at the Alexandria Detention Center in Virginia for refusing to answer questions from another grand jury regarding the filtering of classified documents. to Wikileaks.

US District Judge Anthony Trenga has ordered his return to prison and has requested that, in case he does not comply with the citation, be fined 500 dollars a day after a period of 30 days, an amount that could increase to 1,000 daily dollars if you still refuse to testify after 60 days.

Manning has been immediately taken to a local prison in Alexandria Virginia. "Trying to coerce me with a grand jury summons is not going to work. I'm not going to cooperate with this or any other grand jury, "Manning said before entering federal court for Thursday's hearing.

"Facing prison again, potentially today, does not change my position," he added.

The ex-analyst was sentenced to 35 years for revealing secrets of military intelligence, of which she turned seven since the former president of the United States, Barack Obama, commuted his sentence in 2017 because it was "disproportionate" in comparison with other similar cases. .


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