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[Chengdu World Universiade Direct Atak]He Shanxi swept the Italian sword and won the gold, making the history of the Hong Kong-体育Sportsroad fencing team.

【Chengdu direct attack】She Shanxi won the gold medal! Hong Kong’s 22-year-old female epee competitor has become more and more courageous at the Chengdu World University Games today (2nd). This is the second gold medal in this world Universiade, and this is also the first world championship for fencing. . Hong Kong team.

Shanxi She, who entered the top 16 of the world championships at the end of last month, debuted as the number 3 seed. He won all 6 games in the group stage and entered the top 32 with a total score of 5 . strong, he defeated Italy’s Gaia Traditi in a “decisive sword” under the disadvantage of falling behind.Thrilling punches in the semi-finals secured the medalAfter winning the silver medal in the women’s epee individual competition at the Youth Olympic Games in October 2018, she is determined to climb the individual competition podium at the international competition again after 4 years and 10 months.

After that, “She She” became more and more bold. In the semi-final, he played a 9:1 offensive in the last quarter and eliminated the American “first sister” Catherine Nixon, who was the champion of this Pan-American Championship. yearsstrong in the final, facing the world No. 160 Italian female player Sara Maria Kowalczyk. The two swords met in the group stage of the Doha Grand Prix in January this year, with Hong Kong winning 5:2 that time. Li Shanxi always played conservatively at the beginning of this battle, lost 2 points and made it 1:2 to end the first quarter; In the second quarter, Hong Kong will rush to attack after falling behind 1:3, winning 4 swords at one stage. Row, leading 5:3, “She She” maintained its advantage in the final quarter, further widened the difference in scores, and finally won easily with 15:6, and won the first Universiade gold medal in the history of the team the Hong Kong fence. After the bronze medal in the individual competition, the second World Universiade medal of the epee team.

As of August 2, the Hong Kong delegation temporarily won 2 gold medals, 1 silver medal and 3 bronze medals in this Universiade. Hong Kong, who won the medal, will receive a bonus from the “Jockey Club Outstanding Athlete Award Scheme”. The top three in individual events will receive HK$500,000, HK$250,000 and HK$100,000 respectively, and the top three in team events will receive HK$1 million. , HK$500,000 and HK$200,000. Shanxi Sheh pocketed 500,000 yuan for winning the gold medal in the women’s individual weight event.

Chengdu World Universiade Hong Kong team medal (from August 2)
2 gold medals: Men’s Tai Chi Martial Arts Epee (Xu De’en), Women’s Epee (She Shanxi)
1 Silver: Martial Arts Men’s Southern Fist (Liu Zilong)
3 Bronze: Men’s Taijiquan Martial Arts (Xu De’en), Women’s Cudgel (Shen Xiaoyu), Women’s Table Tennis Team Competition (Du Kaiqin, Su Huiyin, Lin Yinuo, Wu Yonglin, Li Kaimin)

Chengdu World Universiade Fencing Competition Schedule
August 2 Individual competition of men’s sand and women’s epee
August 3 Individual competition of men’s epee and women’s foil
August 4 Individual Foil Men’s and Women’s Saber Competitions
August 5 saber team competition for men and women’s epee
August 6 Competition of men’s epee and women’s foil teams
August 7 Men’s and Women’s Saber Team Competition

Photo and text: Li Zizheng

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