Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018

Cheryl abandoned by L'Oréal losing millions of dollars while her misfortunes persist after the X Factor show

Cheryl's misfortune continues as it appears that the star of Geordie had lost her approval contract with L'Oreal.

The contract would have a value of about 4 million pounds sterling.

This is not bad news anyway, as Cheryl is likely to participate in some upcoming events for L'Oréal Paris, and we do not think it will be directly replaced.

The decision was made this summer. Since then, Cheryl attended the Paris parade of L'Oreal in October.

It's a disappointment that pop star Geordie could do without

Cheryl will continue to do casual work for the cosmetics giant

Cheryl worked with them for nine years

Speaking to the Mirror, a L'Oréal Paris spokesperson said: "After discussions with Cheryl and her team earlier this year, we can confirm that our spokesperson partnership has ended, but it continues to be a friend of the brand.

"We are very proud to have been working with Cheryl for nine years and to have been part of her story by sharing and celebrating all things" that are worth it ".

Cheryl added, "Over the last nine years, I have had incredible experience as a spokesperson for L'Oreal Paris in the UK and have loved working with the team there. It was always more than a partnership and I would like to thank them for the opportunities they offered me. "

Cheryl is separated from Liam Payne in June

She started working for the brand nine years ago, while she was a judge at X-Factor and she overplayed a wave of popular sympathy after breaking her marriage with footballer Ashley Cole .

This year, however, his fortune dropped dramatically with the brutal reactions of his return to X Factor, especially his dance routine was described as being "too sexual" for a family show.

We saw Simon Cowell, the master of the factor X, go towards Cheryl with a slightly confused air as his song ended.

Cheryl's X-Factor performance has spurred more than 100 complaints from Ofcom.

Speaking in ITV's This Morning, he revealed what he was thinking: "I thought she was dead at the end, actually."

Cheryl reacted angrily to the criticism, tweeting "I have watched my performance and I loved her!"

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