Thursday, 15 Nov 2018

Cheryl wants mom to move in to take care of Baby Bear after Liam Payne split

Cheryl revealed that she would like her mother, Joan Callaghan, to come to her Surrey mansion to help take care of Baby Bear.

This revelation comes after the separation of the mother of a child, Liam Payne, Bear's father, during the summer.

"Who has the baby tonight?" She was interviewed about the new Table Manner podcast of singer Jessie Ware.

"Me, Mom," she admitted.

"I often make her travel across the country, she still lives in Newcastle.

"I do not know how she does it."

Cheryl and her mother have a close connection

Cheryl's mother holding her like a baby in 1983

Jessie asks, "Would you live with her one day?"

"I'd like her to live with me but she will not like London, it's a real Geordie."

Meanwhile, Cheryl revealed why she had taken a four-year break in the industry.

The pop singer, who is preparing to release her single back this Friday, admitted that she needed to take the time "for her sanity".

The former X Factor judge said, "I needed it for my sanity. Honestly, I did not know how much I needed it before doing it. I have just enough.

"I was not inspired, I was jaded. It was like a negative space in which I lived, then we get to the point where we say, "what's the point?"

Cheryl Love's Made Me Do It's out this Friday

"I had just enough," she admitted.

She added to The Sun: "I could do something that I hate to do and feel the same, so why do I like to submit to that? I like the balance. I love peace and harmony in my life. "

Cheryl also insisted that she did not call the ex-Liam Payne a "crazy" in the new track.

But you could be forgiven for thinking that she was thinking of thinking about Love Made Me Do. It will be her first single since their separation in July and she sings: "I am such a sucker, I fall in love with all."

Cheryl also insisted that she did not call the ex-Liam Payne "f *** er" in her return single

Cheryl and Liam Payne separated earlier this year

"It's the easiest thing to write for critics," she says, claiming Liam is the "deceiver" for whom she fell in love.

"But in reality, all the music and songs that I have prepared have been well before the split … none of them affects anyone.

The lyrics also imply that Cheryl is ready to go ahead while she sings: "The love has made me do it … and I would do it again."

Cheryl, 35, and Liam, 25, started dating after her separation from second husband, Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini.

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Cheryl and Liam separate


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