Chess. Patrycja Waszczuk disqualified for fraud. She was a great hope!

  • Patrycja Waszczuk has clearly improved its ranking for some time. Her chess career has exploded
  • It quickly turned out that the teenager helped herself in an illegal way. Therefore, she was disqualified for two years by the Polish Chess Federation
  • The competitor appealed against this decision
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Waszczuk is the current Polish U-18 champion. A year ago, she won the European U-16 title. At this event, the protest against Poland was raised by Ukrainians, but it was not considered. This year she appeared for the first time in the finals of the Polish Women’s Chess Championship, taking the high seventh place. In April, she received the highest ranking in her career – 2321.

In August, however, the 17-year-old was caught cheating at the Chess Festival in Ustroń. The player was excluded from the game after the fourth round. All because she broke the rules of the game. There was a suspicion that he was using external aid or electronic doping.

Such suspicions had arisen for many months. Michalina Rudzińska wrote this in August on her Facebook profile: “Multiple Polish Champion, also the current Junior European Champion,» friend «, with whom we have been playing hand in hand at all junior competitions for many years, caught in a perfidious cheating. Such a situation. should be shocking, but it was not for any of us, because for about 1.5 years the question was not if she was cheating, but rather when it would come to light. after each move, she left the game room, going to the toilet, and in time, in an objectively easily won position, she did not manage to achieve it and the game ended in a draw. Her only draw in this tournament, as she won the Championship with an amazing score of 7.5 / 8, easily beating all the players in the oldest age group. “

Grandmaster Klaudia Kulon also took the floor, who wrote in one of the comments on Facebook: “All the players of MP were 99.9% cheating. hand and often very “interesting”, in the commentator’s studio she was not always able to say why she played this move, etc., we had nothing on her, so it was impossible to prove her. In addition, the suspicions had been around for over a year, so the fact that they caught her in Ustroń is not a coincidence, but that the girls “took matters into their own hands” “.

After the events in Ustroń, Waszczuk was suspended. At the beginning of October, the Distinctions and Discipline Committee of the Polish Chess Federation passed a resolution to impose a disciplinary penalty on Waszczuk. Only now has the document been made public. According to the PZSzach regulations. a two-year period of disqualification was imposed on the competitor. Of course, the disqualification could have been much more severe, but the young age of the chess player was taken into account.

The resolution reads about the committee’s findings. They show that Waszczuk lied about her electronic devices. The competitor was also supposed to use the telephone in the toilet, which was confirmed by the testimony of an eyewitness. She tried to hide one of the phones in the games room. The competitor did not undergo anti-doping control, i.e. in this case checking whether she has forbidden electronic equipment with her. On the other hand, the analysis of the moves made by the Polish grandmasters indicated the operation of the computer program, which is confirmed by the testimony of the coach of the women’s national team.

PZSzach. reminds that the mere bringing of the telephone to the toilet while playing a chess game is treated at home and abroad as a great fraud. Late last year for this reason Igor Rausis lost the title of grandmasterwho in his career represented the colors of Latvia, Bangladesh and recently the Czech Republic. The 58-year-old was caught red-handed in the toilet. In mid-2019, Rausis took part in the Strasbourg Open tournament and fell into illegal doping there. He was caught during halftime using the phone in the toilet, which is strictly prohibited. He was disqualified for six years. The title of Grandmaster was also withdrawn. It was one of the louder cases in chess in recent years.

As Onet Sport found out in PZSzach., Waszczuk filed an appeal.

– Such a letter has indeed been received by the board of the Polish Chess Federation – admitted Radosław Jedynak, president of the association, in an interview with Onet Sport.

– The resolution was adopted by an independent commission, which did a very good job, after getting acquainted with the allegations and numerous testimonies of witnesses – he added.

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  1. I have played through the games and absolutely no doubt she was using an engine of some sort. Very happy to confront her father!

    FM Robin Moss


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