Chest Pain Spreads to Arm, Watch Out for Heart Attack

VIVA – Based on data from the 2018 Basic Health Research (Riskesdas), there are three chronic diseases with the highest sufferers in East Java. Hypertension is in first place with a total of 11,481,333 patients, followed by patients heart disease as many as 599,339, and the last is stroke with a total of patients up to 391,984.

Heart specialist, dr. Achmad Lefi, dr, SpJP (K), FIHA revealed in a webinar with the theme “Heart Alert in Productive Age, Recognize Risk Factors and Prevention”, in general, a heart attack is a closed heart condition or sudden freezing occurs due to lack of oxygen nutrition. into the chest. He emphasized the need to recognize various risk factors and prevent chronic disease, one of which is heart disease.

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“There are several signs that someone is having a heart attack, among them, pain, pain, or uncomfortable in the center of the chest. The pain then spreads to the left arm, shoulder, back, neck like a choking feeling. This is followed by shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and even fainting, “he explained in a Webinar initiated by Lifepack.

Dr. Lefi added, currently there are 16.8 million people with heart disease in Indonesia, with an age domination of people with 45-65 years of 6.88 million. Therefore, a solution is needed for people with heart disease to increase regularity in taking medication. One of them is Lifepack, the first digital pharmacy in Indonesia as a complete drug service provider to meet drug availability.

“I see Lifepack as a problem-solving solution to improve the regularity of taking medication for people with chronic diseases, one of which is heart disease,” he said.

Lifepack & Jovee CEO, Natali Ardianto, said that digital pharmacies can provide innovation for sufferers of chronic diseases. Thus, adherence to taking medication can continue to be done in order to prevent complications that lurk.

“We are expanding our services to Surabaya is the right step to help raise awareness of medical adherence or medical adherence to the people of Surabaya. Because the city of Surabaya has quite a high number of chronic disease sufferers including hypertension, heart disease and stroke,” said Natali.

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