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After having "removed 40 kilazos", Alberto Chicote (Madrid, 48 years), now hovering around 70, returns to wear tonight at 22.30 "in the shoes of others" in the new installments of 'Are you going to eat?' (The sixth). This is the second season of a format that amassed an average of 1,913,000 viewers and a 12.6% 'share' in its debut, and that returns to denounce the poor food services in different centers, such as a school special education in A Coruña. – Is the delivery of this night perhaps the one that has surprised you the most?

– It's more surprising because you think that it can not be that so helpless people are unattended. How can it be that someone is not taking care that this is fucking? We are talking about people who maybe have a 92% disability, who need some attention to eat that we can not even imagine. People who can not even swallow. A mother told us: 'If what you crush my child has lumps, you can die'. We are not talking about the child likes potatoes or chorizo ​​more. Maybe in the menu it says: crushed Galician pie. How do you do that? It is no longer that the person wants it very finite because he does not like lumps, no. It is drowning.

– Are there many cases in Spain?

– I have not stopped receiving demands from people already in a particular way. Every day I received a message: 'This is what they feed my father', 'this is what they give to my mother,' come to my children's school '… I do not know how many complaints I have been able to accumulate. 500? Without exaggerating. I will have received about 500 notices from people, mostly through direct messages from Instagram.

– And it was necessary to return with a new season.

– We would do 25 seasons with everything that people claim. It is necessary to put yourself in the shoes of people who are complaining, and ask for explanations to whom it may concern. Seeing it from the outside and only functioning as a narrator is one of the things that we wanted to discard from the beginning. Telling these stories from the outside is like: 'Look what happens to these people', and that's it.

Old people

– Would you say that the elderly are being well fed?

– The obvious answer is that in many cases no. We saw it in the first season, and in this second we wanted to take up the subject from another point of view. The other time we did exclusively residences for the elderly, and in this we also wanted to touch the case of people who are receiving food at home, by the dependency law. Opening the little packages that come to them is in many cases chilling.

– Why is this happening?

– "It seems that the regulations, which indicate that the menus have to be supervised by a professional with knowledge of nutrition and can sign that is appropriate for the person who is receiving it, in many cases fails. You see the aspect of the food and you already say: 'My Mother'. And then you receive the consequences of that. In the program they tell us: 'My mother entered the residence with 47 kilos, and when she died she weighed 25'. It's wrong to say it, but there are dogs that weigh more.

– They also dedicate a chapter to elite athletes.

– Yes, and it's very curious. One of their jobs is to train in the best possible way, and there is no specialist who does not say that food is absolutely fundamental. It depends on high performance centers or teams, but you see that in many cases it is not appropriate.

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