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Childcare: “We’ll take care of it, Mister Rutte”

There are new corona measures in the Netherlands: work at home as much as possible, avoid large groups of people and stay at home with a cold or flu symptoms. Primary education and childcare seem to be the exception to the rule. “The social disruption would be very serious when closed,” said Rutte. What does childcare think about this? We asked.


Several childcare organizations, including SKSG in Groningen and SKBNM in Bussum and Naarden, has informed parents that children who have a cold or have a fever are not allowed to come to daycare.


“Our employees in the groups will be critical of this and children who suffer from the above phenomena cannot be admitted to the group.” SKSG further writes: “We find this very annoying, but want to make our contribution and the measures taken by the Cabinet At SKSG, employees who have complaints remain at home. “As a result, it is possible that there are different faces on the group or that groups are composed differently.”

But clear general rules for childcare do not seem to be (yet), as was also evident from the press conference Thursday afternoon March 12 with care minister Bruins, Prime Minister Rutte and Jaap van Dissel, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Control at RIVM.


“We’ll take care of it, Mr. Rutte”

“I was very sorry that childcare was not even mentioned during the press conference,” Femke responds to our call on Facebook how pmers think about the corona measures. “How can we protect our employees while they are almost forced (not by the employer, but because of the enormous sense of responsibility that the PMs have towards their children) to continue working. While they are also sick themselves. We’ll take care of it, Mr. Rutte. “

Sansin responds, “I find it utterly outrageous that such an important sector of people who do work as important as our teachers has not been mentioned once in this afternoon’s press conference. Especially at this time! “

“Of course it is important that as many parents as possible continue to work in certain occupational groups,” says Jacobine. “Only I hear too little in the whole story about adjustments / support in childcare during this crisis situation. It will be an almost impossible task to enforce the guidelines. And also: childminders and PMs can also get sick. I definitely think that too little is being considered here. Children who cannot go to school because they have a cold can go to daycare. “

“We, the childcare, also work with a vulnerable target group,” Gwen writes. “We keep a cool head and understand our social responsibility, but we also have to contend with illness and staff shortages. The additional placement of children from healthcare professionals, please, but impossible! “

“You are constantly coughed in your face”

Romina works on a VVE: ‘Children are just brought in who do not feel well … you are also coughed in your face in cash and if they are sad or do not feel well, you will of course comfort them on your lap … infected faster. “

Even pmer Tabitha still brings “snotty children” to childcare. “Luckily no fever, but they almost always have snot noses … should you suddenly keep them out now? Some just have a chronic cold … that’s part of being a child. “

“No national attention for all the best in childcare”

Margot: “Our organization keeps us very well informed. We follow guidelines and these are adjusted where necessary. There is often contact and there is clear communication. I think it is a pity that there is no attention nationally for all the top people who are ready every day to look after the children! I am really proud of my people and all the others who are there every day! “

There are also responders who have a sick child at home, but who are needed at childcare. Jennifer: great that children with a cold have to stay at home. also my son who is not allowed to go to the childminder. I have a minimal cold myself and must therefore continue to work according to the care and welfare guidelines. Ehm yes and then? Partner takes a day off next week, then grandpa and grandma switch on, although that is a risk group. What are you smart about? “


Perhaps the greatest uncertainty remains among childminders who, as a self-employed person, suffer a direct loss of income when their childcare is closed, or due to illness of the childcare children. “Childminders run a considerable financial risk, especially if they have a cold themselves and therefore have to close the daycare for all children …”, Gretha responds.

“More GGD advice certainly desirable”

Childcare agency Villa Kroost: “Here we also group the childminders among the care workers. However, more advice from the GGD or sector organization is certainly desirable. “A childminder responds that a parent does not agree that their child should not come to the care center with cough complaints.

Childminder agency Tante Vroesh in Kampen informed parents and childminders immediately after the press conference yesterday a letter.

Pedagogical staff, teachers, childminders and children who suffer from mild health complaints must stay at home.

Mild health complaints are:

To sneeze
Sore throat
Running nose
Light coughing
Increase to 38 degrees
If the symptoms worsen, contact your doctor by telephone.

What are the consequences for the costs?

We advise to follow the general agreements regarding the costs.
This is of course an exceptional situation, if your childminder has to close her childcare, this will have major financial consequences for her.
Our advice: discuss this together and look at the possibilities. As a parent, you simply continue to be entitled to the childcare allowance. If you would like to discuss this with us, then of course who can be reached.

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