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Children killed, two mobile phones found – Last Hour

(ANSA) – MILAN, JUNE 29 – Two mobile phones were found in the bell for the collection of glass in the cable car square, a short distance from the holiday home in Margno, in Valsassina, by Mario Bressi that the night between Friday and Saturday killed his two 12-year-old twin sons and then killed himself. They probably belonged to the two children killed as the father continued to send WhatsApp messages to his wife even between 2 and 3 am before throwing himself off a bridge about ten kilometers from the house. His device, therefore, could be near the place where it crashed but has not yet been found. The telephones will be analyzed by the carabinieri who conduct the investigations directed by the Lecco prosecutor, Antonio Chiappani and the prosecutor Andrea Frigoni. Other data could come from the man’s computer while on Tuesday the autopsies will be performed on the bodies of the twins.

It will be understood even if they had been sedated before being killed.